Lincoln Eleanor Cross – the story continues

Work on the carving of the new Eleanor Cross for Lincoln continues with artist and sculptor Alan Ward making good progress this week. When looking at the work being done by Alan you begin to understand why in historical times it might take years to carve a statue. By using power tools Al has been […]

Eleanor Cross for Lincoln – latest update

At this stage of the game pictures speak louder than words. Just after I was there the bishop of Lincoln swung by for a gander. Happy with progress apparently. A few pics for you. Links to previous Eleanor Cross posts at the end of this one so that you can track progress with the sculpture. […]

Eleanor Cross for Lincoln – Eleanor begins to emerge

The new Lincoln Eleanor Cross begins to emerge from it’s stone home. It’s pretty astounding that a solid lump or rock can contain a thing of such beauty and you already begin to get a sense for the character. These two videos chart progress over a few days last week. A lot of time is […]

Eleanor Cross for Lincoln – the carving starts

The carving of the new Eleanor Cross for Lincoln starts. Amazing that something of beauty can emerge from within a solid piece of rock – the mantra of the in awe armchair philosopher down the ages when describing a sculpture. This series of photos shows the start of the carving process. The videos are a short […]

Eleanor Cross statue project – choosing the stone with artist Alan Ward #lincolneleanor

Choosing the stone for the new Eleanor Cross for Lincoln project at the CDS quarry in Metheringham Heath. Last week we covered the launch event for the new Eleanor Cross project for Lincoln. It’s been quite a wait to get the right piece of rock to start carving the statue. The quarry is only digging […]

New Eleanor Cross for Lincoln – a project of national significance

New Eleanor Cross for Lincoln – a project of national significance with exclusive coverage at the weekends on Eleanor of Castile, wife of King Edward I of England died in 1290 in Harby in Nottinghamshire. Her body was taken to the Gibertine Priory at St Catherines in Lincoln where it was embalmed and the viscera […]