EU goes bananas – food safety tech to be used to catch paedophiles and sex offenders?

I had to stare at this for a bit to understand it. In a Written Declaration the European Parliament has called on the Member States to coordinate a European early warning system involving their public authorities, based on the existing system for food safety, as a means of tackling paedophilia and sex offending. They are […]

Ex MI5 chief echoes concern over civil liberties

Dame Stella Rimington is in the news today attacking the government’s postition regarding data  retention.  This is in tune with comments previously made on this blog. I sympathise with the need to guard against terrorism but you do get the feeling that we are moving backwards. When I was growing up we were hit with propaganda […]

Transposition of Directive 2006/24/EC

We do live in a marvellous world don’t we? If anyone was to ask you what the title of this post was all about you’d almost certainly give them a blank stare. This is all about what is better known as “The Data Retention Act” which was stipulated by the EC some time ago. This […]