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BPI thinks MI5 could scupper bits of Digital Economy Bill

The music industry thinks its prospects within the Digital Economy Bill are still good to middling with concerns over website blocking voiced by MI5 seen as a potential scupper.

A weekly newsletter sent by Music Industry representatives BPI to stakeholders such as Sony Music, Warner Brothers and EMI Music also discusses the results of a TalkTalk sponsored survey that finds that “71% of 18 – 34 year olds would continue to infringe copyright, in spite of the Bill provisions, and would use “undetectable methods” to do so”.

There is also the suggestion that MI5 might have helped pay for the survey!

Business security

Ex MI5 chief echoes concern over civil liberties

Dame Stella Rimington is in the news today attacking the government’s postition regarding data  retention.  This is in tune with comments previously made on this blog.

I sympathise with the need to guard against terrorism but you do get the feeling that we are moving backwards. When I was growing up we were hit with propaganda about the communist enemy.  A police state where people were frequently spied upon just in case they had views that were contrary to official policy.  Increased levels of surveillance in order to catch terrorists is undoubtedly going to impact on many innocent lives. If we are not careful we will end up mimicking the police states that we were cricisising not so long ago.