Digital Divide Anglesey Style

Pillaging mobile broadband service gold, they are! Last night I met someone at the Engineering Dinner at Bangor University who put a different slant on the Digital Divide. Stephen Yates lives on a small-holding just outside Holyhead on the Anglesey coast. Although only a three mile walk from his nearest pub in Holyhead he can’t […]

Google wave first thoughts – Grassroots Digitalbritain and the digitally excluded

Had a day or two to play with the wave.  Some of my Facebook friends have already commented that it is no good without others to communicate with.  At this time I have two friends in my wave contacts list :Luc from Google who invited me and Cyberdoyle. This fits into the category of sad […]

BBC interview regarding rural broadband

Click twice on the word tref below to hear an interview with Rod Whiting on the BBC Radio Lincolnshire breakfast show on the subject of rural broadband and the Digital Divide.  Rod broadcast his breakfast show from different towns around the county last week and was surprised to find out how difficult it was to […]

NGA funding in Digital Britain can only be a start

Two funding streams have been identified for the 2Mbps Universal Service Obligation and the longer term Next Generation Access  broadband. The 50 pence per analogue line will raise about £180m a year and the diversion of funds from the unused digital TV switchover fund will account for £200m. I guess my point is that in last year’s Caio […]