Business voip

Fast moving times – fast moving installations

Timico completed a 25 seat installation for a VoIP customer on Saturday 11th October. The whole process of finding the customer, taking the order and completing the contract happened with lightning speed.

The reason for the haste was that the customer was moving into new offices and had left it late to get their communications sorted. The old phone system was completely unserviceable. There was not enough time to order ISDN lines for the new office and to buy a new PBX.

The solution was to install internet connectivity and to go for a hosted VoIP solution. Timico received the order on 1st October and proceeded to order analog lines and an SDSL connection which were then expedited in order to be available the weekend of the move.

An engineer installed the network and handsets on Saturday. The customer moved in on Monday (this morning) and is now up and running. The whole job took 7 working days from initial order to completion. That’s impressive for what was effectively a greenfield site. I guess had Timico not been the service provider for the analogue lines, the SDSL and the VoIP this would have been a lot harder to achieve.