The black art of serving Guinness

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man on his way home from work on a Friday night must be in search of a decent pint of beer. We are indeed fortunate, on this scepter’d isle of ours, in having a wonderful brewing heritage that yields a terrific diversity of ciders, bitters, lagers, ales, […]

world record attempt – the results are in #comment24

We had a good go at it guys. When I first discussed the world record attempt for “most comments on an online news post” with the Guinness World Records® people there was no record in place. We came in at 5,455 comments in 24 hours. Unfortunately in the meantime a Japanese pop star – don’t […]

The story behind the world record attempt #comment24

This attempt at a Guinness World Records® Record all started back in November when I took a customer out to dinner to celebrate a bit of business. The customer mentioned that he read and, to cut a long story short, I said that Timico would donate £1 to his favourite charity for every comment […]