ello ello ello – wots goin on ere then?

I’m on holiday though I’ve had to fit in the odd day’s work in my busy Olympic schedule. There are going to be so many enduring images from these games. I’m probably not in any of them. I was going to do one big post just containing lots of pics from my Olympic watching but […]

iPlayer demand forecast scheduled by session at the Olympics

Just sat in one of our ongoing planning sessions to calculate our bandwidth needs during the London 2012 Olympics. It’s a complicated call and we will be telling all nearer the time. One of the data sources we are using is the BBC’s own estimates of iPlayer traffic growth. The inset photo shows when the […]

Olympic Readiness of fixed and mobile networks

The UK telecommunications community, including all major┬áTimico network partners, has put in a huge amount of preparation in readiness for the London 2012 Olympics. This includes additional capacity, network security and the ability to cope with and recover from major network incidents. Capacity As a lead sponsor BT is responsible for all the communications services […]

London 2012 Olympic Countdown – some key dates from a network operator perspective

We are all back and, I assume suitably refreshed from our Easter break – that’s Spring break for readers in the USA. We can now start the official countdown to what is likely to be the most intensive summer of activities that we have seen in the UK, at least as far as I can […]