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#VoIP SNOM #SIP and the Football #WorldCup

When I first started looking at SNOM phones, perhaps 9 years ago, they were not very impressive. The handset was easy to knock off its cradle and the voice was tinny.

The phone firmware was impressive and the fact that SNOM was a very early runner in the SIP market is to their great credit.  SNOM is an entrepreneurial business.

The fact that SNOM is still around is also hugely to their credit and their handsets have come on in dramatic leaps and bounds. The quality of the plastics has improved and their expertise in software still comes clearly to the fore.

This is to be seen in the SNOM 870 which I have been playing with in the office today. This phone has a large screen that can be used to display html. During the world Cup SNOM have been providing links to match updates that are regularly refreshed on screen.

The two photos below are 1) of the SNOM870 showing “Pick The Winner”, “All ongoing matches” and “Pick match”. The second photo is a close up of a score update for the Slovenia v USA game – nil-nil as I write.

SNOM is a German company.  I diplomatically left out the score of their match against Serbia. Does anyone know what it was?

The SNOM870 VoIP handset
The SNOM870 VoIP handset displaying World Cup data
close up of the SNOM870 screen showing World Cup match update
close up of the SNOM870 screen showing World Cup match update
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