How to tell if a phone call is going to be a scammer

Most people have picked up scam phone call at sometime in their recent short lives. I’ve noticed that they all have similar characteristics in that when you pick up the phone there is always a second or two of silence followed by a foreign voice saying “can I speak to Mr Davies please?” (replace Davies with your own name obv). It’s down to the latency over the internet.

It’s also because they are using some cheapo poor quality VoIP service. Thinking about it, their conversion rate would be much higher if they spent a bit more cash on better quality comms. The quality of their internet access is particularly important although in their case it might not make that much difference as I suspect the packets are traversing the internet for most of their journey. A good quality VoIP provider will hardly touch the internet, if at all.

I’ve adopted the practice, upon hearing the noisy silence before the attempt at a con, of being very familiar “I thought it was you. I wondered when you were going to call”. This tends to confuse them momentarily. All these scammers sound the same to me anyway. It’s probably the bad line but it might always be the same person. Would explain how they always seem to know my name.

That’s how you tell it’s a scammer. It’s all about the noisy silence before they realise you’ve answered the phone.

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4 thoughts on “Is Huawei in your network a national security concern?

  1. Phil Veale says:

    There’s this place called CSEC (Cyber Security Evaluation Centre) which is as far as I understand supposed to be where UK folks can scrutinise at a very low level all the stuff Huawei make and check to make sure they’re not sneaking anything in without us knowing about it.


    But it has come under scrutiny recently;

    A piece on the Radio 4 Today program a few days ago said that, yes, the staff their do find problems, but that’s because they do very detailed code audits and really they’re just finding occasional bugs and examples of poor development, and nothing malign.

  2. Sean Cardus says:

    “Takes me a while to catch up with the news”.

    You’re telling me! 😉

    I thought the Huawei/BT deal had been common knowledge for years? The earliest article I can find about it dates from 2005:


    1. Trefor Davies Trefor Davies says:

      Yes sean
      I knew about the deal. I hadn’t realised it had become recent news again :)

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