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Chromebook on the move

No science here but I’m using the Samsung Chromebook hanging off the Huaweii MiFi with an EE SIM whilst on the train to Laandan. The Chromebook didn’t like the on-board WiFi so I’m not using that but the MiFi works well so no probs.

Although I’m accessing WordPress on what is essentially my private cloud it isn’t particularly sensitive to the bandwidth available so I can’t say I’ve noticed whether it is affected by the speed of internet access provided by the cellular connection. If I was using YouTube I suspect that would be a different experience, unless in a 4G coverage area.

As I continue to use the Chromebook it does occur to me that it is strange that every screen I look at is a browser window. Other than that it is very much business as usual. Expecting to be able to give you an update on the photo uploading tomorrow. Meetings in town today.

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How it it performing if you need to hop into one of your business apps, you mentioned your a ms house; can it remote into a windows PC if required or have you found some other ways of interacting with your business apps?

I access the Microsoft stuff by logging in remotely using https. All the other stuff we use such as (though not me obv) is accessed via browser anyway. We have a web client for the VoIP service.

As another side note it is now 16.21 and I’ve been using the machine pretty solidly all day, except for when I was actually eating lunch (sausage & mash in onion gravy). I still have 57% battery and 4hrs 9mins worth of juice left. That’s pretty darn good.

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