Footnote to Samsung Chromebook free Galaxy phone offer

samsung chromebookYou may have read my Samsung Chromebook special offer not very customer friendly post. Well the free phone arrived yesterday. It was a Samsung Galaxy Mini. I’ve not seen it other than a quick glimpse as I got in from London at around 9pm. I bought the Samsung Chromebook on 30th September and the phone arrived on 14th November – six weeks later.

My 13year old lad took me by surprise by calling me whilst I was on the tube. Must have been an overground bit. The tone of the sporadic conversation was “is that phone for me?”. “Yes”.

When I got in I immediately received an IT support request which I promptly bounced back. I’m not going to touch the Galaxy Mini. Should all be self evident. I might see if I can persuade the lad to write a few words describing his experience once he has had time to play with it. Ve shall see…

PS anyone got the HP11 Chromebook – I’m sure we’d all like to hear more about the USB power supply overheating problem.

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2 thoughts on “Lost phone phound

  1. Kyle Gordon says:

    Glad that you found it :-)

    I feel that it’s worth noting that the lost phone feature is also available as part of the Android Device Manager service at – it’s saved my bacon a few times in the house!

  2. Trefor Davies Trefor Davies says:

    Thanks Kyle. Yes, others have pointed this out. I will almost certainly be availing myself as I suspect that the SGS4 will be my last Samsung phone. I will be moving to Nexus.

    Samsung’s dominance of the Android market is about to peak. I don’t feel the same way about them as Microsoft or Apple but their day is coming to a close (albeit it will take time to collapse and decay).

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