Samsung Chromebook special offer not very customer friendly

Samsung chromebook offerI bought my Samsung Chromebook via What particularly attracted me to the deal was the offer of a free Samsung Galaxy phone. The model of phone wasn’t specified so my expectations weren’t high.  The Chromebook was only £229 so it wasn’t going to be a high end phone but I figured it would be ok for one of the kids.

The Chromebook itself came very quickly – Anne collected it from our nearest store (400 yards from our house!). The phone however didn’t materialise. Hmm. The Tesco portal told me that the order was only part fulfilled so I assumed the phone would follow. It didn’t.

After a day or two I rang Tesco and the customer services type claimed not to know anything about the offer, or at least there was no reference to it in their system. I persevered. I had bought the Chromebook on September 30th,  the last day of the offer, so whilst it didn’t surprise me that the guy couldn’t see the offer I felt there must have been some reference to it on their system. There wasn’t.

This customer services guy was a good lad though. He did a search and found the offer deep in Samsung’s own website. I thanked him but left the call feeling that the whole purchasing experience had not been totally satisfactory – the communication re the offer wasn’t good.

Ok next I went to the Samsung web page referred to by the Tesco guy only to find that I could only claim the phone between 14 and 44 days after purchase. This left me thinking that Samsung were putting obstacles in the way to avoid having to send me the phone. They weren’t going to get away with this. I made a note in my calendar to make the claim on the 14th of October.

Come the 14th and the next obstacle hit me. I needed a VAT receipt. The Tesco website had a button to press to get the receipt. It didn’t come – must have been a glitch. It took a couple of phone calls to Tesco for someone to manually fix the glitch (escalation to a technical team somewhere else) but an email eventually arrived with the VAT receipt.

On the 18th October I made the claim. It felt a little like booking a flight with Ryan Air. Might have just been me but I felt that the slightest mistake in filling out the form would invalidate the claim.

We got an email through:

Please check these details carefully. If you need to make any changes to these details, please do so as soon as possible by email to us as incorrect addressing will delay the arrival of your reward. If you need to contact us, our email address is : 
[email protected]uk

It will take up to seven working days to validate your serial number and proof of purchase. Once your claim has been validated, we will send an email to you to help you plan with confidence the arrival of your reward. It is possible that we may need to contact you in these first few days to resolve any queries such as proof of purchase missing or serial number not validating. Please therefore check your spam filters carefully and add this email address to your approved senders.

Seven working days??!! They’re avin a laugh!

On November 2nd, 10 working days, I remembered we still hadn’t heard anything so I contacted Samsung via both email and Twitter. I got a response through the Twitter account on the 5th November asking me to mail details and later that day got an email saying:

Thank you for your email. Your claim is valid and your phone will be dispatched in the next two to three weeks.

Samsung Promotions Team

The whole process left me thinking that Samsung were at the very least amateurish and inefficient which didn’t stack up with them as the global electronics giant they are. I felt that Samsung had set up the phone offer to entice me to buy the Chromebook but were now making it hugely difficult for me to make the claim.

Also two to three weeks for shipping is ridiculous for a device that will probably be in stock in lots of distribution outlets around the globe – unless it’s a really old phone – I still don’t know what model it will be!

So all in all Samsung, this hasn’t been a very impressive experience. In fact it’s left a taint on the Samsung brand that makes me wonder about moving on to the Nexus for my next device purchase.

I was going to write this up after the phone finally arrived but I got a comment from mel noting a similar poor experience with the offer. Note it is Sunday 10th November – one month and ten days since I bought the Chromebook. I expect that the phone will arrive towards the end of November.

As for the Chromebook it is now my main laptop though the glitch that makes the touch pad periodically lock up is still a nuisance. I don’t know if this manifests itself in other Chromebook models.

That’s all folks. It’s a Sunday. Make it a good one :)

PS I nicked the header graphic from the Samsung email but without their permission. I assume they won’t say anything but if they ask me to remove it I will of course do so.

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7 thoughts on “Google Nexus5 lead times stretching out

  1. Phil Veale says:

    Condolences to Jared for having to put up with the blackberry:

  2. Trefor Davies Trefor Davies says:

    It is one of the great sketches – together with the “Got any o’s”, the Morecambe and Wise Andrew Preview sketch and the one they did in the kitchen chopping up food :)

  3. Fearghas McKay says:

    When I ordered my Nexus4 it claimed it would be 4/5 weeks to ship and they shipped it within 48 hours.

    I got a Nexus5 and they shipped it same day, 32GB model – so far seems nice, not hammered the battery yet.

  4. Jon farmer says:

    I ordered a white Nexus 5 from the Play Store on Wednesday, delivery was attempted on Thursday and I picked it up from the Post Office on Friday. I noticed the black models were out of stock. I want a white one anyway as I think they look better after seeing early reviews on YouTube.

    I like the phone a lot, very nice screen and very fast. Battery life is a bit average. However today I had an issue which is potentially serious. The first alarm for the phone was Monday at 7am. This was carried over from my previous Nexus 4 and automatically setup on the Nexus 5. The alarm failed to sound even though it was setup correctly as part of a Monday to Friday at 7am schedule. Also the previous night I had plugged the phone the night before for an overnight charge. When I plugged it in it was at 14% charge. The icon and the lock screen indicated charging. When I woke this morning it still said 14%. I rebooted the phone and it started charging at 14% and started to increase the charge.

    Not sure if this was just a weird or indicative of a wider issue. Will need some more time to investigate.

  5. Karl says:

    Charging was an issue which I constantly had with my Nexus 4 from it refusing to charge at times, telling me it was 100% then rapidly dropping to 60%, and sometimes refusing the charge past 95%. I had several swap-outs, all the same after several weeks.

    It’s a shame really as it was a really nice device but it’s enough to keep me away from the Nexus phone range whilst LG make them (I had a HTC Nexus One which had no such issues).

  6. Jon farmer says:

    I never had a charging issue with my Nexus 4.

  7. Trefor Davies Trefor Davies says:

    I dunno where Jared ordered his from then – unless you lot have cleaned em out and he got there just too late:)

    Interestingly a problematic USB socket has been a generic theme with my Samsung Galaxy phones SGS2/3/4. This is clearly the case for many others too because the various blog posts I’ve written about the problem have ranked quite highly as some of the top visited pages on

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