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Mobile VoIP client is a no brainer when travelling abroad

timico-mobile-clientThis is an out and out advert for mobile VoIP services. If you haven’t already noticed I  am in Helsinki at the moment.

My phone won’t pick up a mobile service. Bit irritating but not the end of the world. I dropped my wife an email letting her know I missed her already but she was probably not going to hear from me and not to worry.

The WiFi is great here, everywhere in the hotel and in the conference room. I’ve been able to carry on working. Then hey presto I remembered I had my Timico mobile client on my Samsung Galaxy S4.

I called home. The call quality was crystal clear. Had a nice chat with Anne and was reassured that everything was ok.

Not only did the call cost nothing, or worst case a local UK call charge, but the quality was much better than a cellular call would have been.

Only problem now is the two hour time shift & coordinating calls when we are both around and available.

Että kaikki ihmiset.

Trefor Davies

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As you’re an O2 customer you might not be aware that other networks have better voice quality over mobile. O2 is slightly better over 3G than 2G. (4G doesn’t do voice yet).
If you’re lucky enough to have both parties on EE or both on Three, and a suitable handset, then HD Voice is amazing. Sadly neither Voda nor O2 support HD Voice. :-/

Due to a lack of decent broadband serving my house, I have recently cancelled my phone line, calls & broadband with BT & order a fixed 4G connection to my home. I now use voip at home & for all my calls. No regrets at the moment tref. It’s great that I can call from & receive calls from my geographic voip number on my mobile.

wow. how did you get a mobile VoIP? can you explain to non techy person? I have an ata which I could carry around and plug into a broadband connection but mobile, wowsers.

It’s a simple Android app that runs as a voip soft client and registers with your voip provider using the local wifi. It can also use the mobile data connection but this involves running up mobile data costs. Also some of the mobile operators actively block VoIP over 3G though none of them do over 4G. You can also get an iOS app. The phone number is usually a fixed line number rather than a mobile as it is an Over The Top service provided by a third party, in my case Timico.

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