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Google Nexus5 lead times stretching out

Thought it worth mentioning that one of our IT guys, Jared,  has just ordered a Google Nexus5 handset. He’s been given a 4 week lead time. Should just about get it in time for Christmas, by which time, at the rate of new product introductions in this game, it will no longer be the latest and greatest.

I think we need to figure out a crowd sourced way of rating new handsets – as opposed to reading the boring reviews of professional journos who really just compare specs. It’s got to be about personal experience. Why one phone is easier to use than another.

I’ll give it some thought but comments welcome. In the meantime Jared must exercise patience – he currently has a BlackBerry.

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It is one of the great sketches – together with the “Got any o’s”, the Morecambe and Wise Andrew Preview sketch and the one they did in the kitchen chopping up food 🙂

When I ordered my Nexus4 it claimed it would be 4/5 weeks to ship and they shipped it within 48 hours.

I got a Nexus5 and they shipped it same day, 32GB model – so far seems nice, not hammered the battery yet.

I ordered a white Nexus 5 from the Play Store on Wednesday, delivery was attempted on Thursday and I picked it up from the Post Office on Friday. I noticed the black models were out of stock. I want a white one anyway as I think they look better after seeing early reviews on YouTube.

I like the phone a lot, very nice screen and very fast. Battery life is a bit average. However today I had an issue which is potentially serious. The first alarm for the phone was Monday at 7am. This was carried over from my previous Nexus 4 and automatically setup on the Nexus 5. The alarm failed to sound even though it was setup correctly as part of a Monday to Friday at 7am schedule. Also the previous night I had plugged the phone the night before for an overnight charge. When I plugged it in it was at 14% charge. The icon and the lock screen indicated charging. When I woke this morning it still said 14%. I rebooted the phone and it started charging at 14% and started to increase the charge.

Not sure if this was just a weird or indicative of a wider issue. Will need some more time to investigate.

Charging was an issue which I constantly had with my Nexus 4 from it refusing to charge at times, telling me it was 100% then rapidly dropping to 60%, and sometimes refusing the charge past 95%. I had several swap-outs, all the same after several weeks.

It’s a shame really as it was a really nice device but it’s enough to keep me away from the Nexus phone range whilst LG make them (I had a HTC Nexus One which had no such issues).

I dunno where Jared ordered his from then – unless you lot have cleaned em out and he got there just too late:)

Interestingly a problematic USB socket has been a generic theme with my Samsung Galaxy phones SGS2/3/4. This is clearly the case for many others too because the various blog posts I’ve written about the problem have ranked quite highly as some of the top visited pages on

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