Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S4 with Google Nexus5 phones – speed

It’s handy working at Timico because people are always buying new gadgets to have a play with. ¬†Jared from IT has just got himself a Google Nexus5 and we thought it would be a good idea to make some comparisons with my Samsung Galaxy S4. The first thing I noticed about the Nexus5 was that […]

Google Nexus5 lead times stretching out

Thought it worth mentioning that one of our IT guys, Jared, ¬†has just ordered a Google Nexus5 handset. He’s been given a 4 week lead time. Should just about get it in time for Christmas, by which time, at the rate of new product introductions in this game, it will no longer be the latest […]

The Google Nexus5 unreview

The Google Nexus5 took me a bit by surprise. I don’t anally watch the space and nobody mentioned it when I visited Google in London on Wednesday. Maybe it caught them by surprise too. It’s getting to the point where the devices are coming too thick and fast to review them all, notwithstanding the fact […]