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Be interested to hear what ads people see in the sidebar adsense box. Since installing it I’ve only ever seen BT infinity except once this morning on my mobile where I say some “ever taken out a bank loan” ad – I assume it was PPI related.

Normally I associate google ads with things I’ve been searching for myself but in this case I’m wondering whether the ads are based on the content of the site. There is a lot of broadband content and quite a number of posts where I slag off PPI phone calls.

What do you guys see?

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  1. I get a PPI one (possibly the same as you’ve seen), BT Infinity, Cloud Computing. I use Chrome with Do Not Track enabled, but it’s possible that the Infinity and Cloud adverts are based on cookies since they are things I have searched for and looked at. PPI refunds is something I have never looked for.

  2. I’ve never seen anything but Timico Ad’s. However, I must admit I’ve never searched for Timico, I used to resell them at a previous job , but that’s it, I just assumed it was Tref’s association that was the reason for why they were there.

      1. That would explain why!

        I’m not seeing the Adsense, I’m using chrome on iPad, we block ads at the office but I don’t see them at home either.

  3. The ads will reflect the page content and will change over time as your site is crawled – look out for the “Mediapartners-Google” User Agent in your logs!

    Ads will also use visitors’ cookies – you’ll remember I’ve previously told you how you can ‘opt out’ or modify your settings? 🙂

    So visitors will see different ads depending on their browsing history, Google’s Adsense BOT, Google settings and cookie management.

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