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On yer bike – the big cheese


Say cheese for the camera. On yer bike! Cheesy jokes? Don’t know any. Gromit. I like a nice tangy cheddar. None of this mild rubbish although ironically I also like the processed cheese slices they put on top of burgers – a hangover from my youth. Quite like roquefort too. Happen to have some of that in the fridgidaire. The kids don’t get roquefort which is good – more for me innit. They sell truckles of Dambusters cheddar on the bar at the Dambusters pub in Scampton. V good. Both the pub and the cheese. They don’t make the cheese at the pub. It’s a pub not a dairy. They do make beer there.  It’s also a v good microbrewery.  Worth a try. Cheese and pub. Brie is best served at room temperature.  Needs to be almost dripping. Goes well with bacon in a crusty baguette. For fondues you need emmental and gruyere together with white wine, garlic and a drop of kirsch. Yum. Used to love Bel Paese Italian soft cheese but you never seem to see it in the shops anymore. The most popular bits of an Austrian smoked processed cheese are the ends although all of it is good. Not sure I totally get this cheese with bits of fruit in it. Apricots for example. Have tried cheese with chillies but you can take it or leave it tbh. Normandy camaembert soaked in calvados is definitely worth a try. Give it a go, if you can find some. As I recall they sell it in the Cheese Society – advertised in the photo and free of charge here. Cheese – rhymes with please. Louise.

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