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Orlando bound

Headin saaf. On the train. London today. USA tomorrow. It’s been a long time. Haven’t missed the jet set life. Used to be almost permanently jet lagged. Looking forward to this trip though. Speaking at Genband Perspectives14 Conference in Orlando, Florida (is there one anywhere else?). Mentioned it before.

All packed. Bird feeder refilled. Doubt it’ll get done whilst I’m away – the little guys consume it at a rate of one feeder full every two days. Probably forgotten something. Was once flying to Canada and turned up at Heathrow T3 without my passport. Ahem. Spent 4 hours in the Air Canada arrivals lounge whilst a taxi brought the passport down from Lincoln. Must have been world record for amount of time spent in an arrivals lounge.  Good job I wasn’t paying for taxi. This time have checked to make sure I have passport with me, about 8 times.

This trip should be a nice one. Have meetings in London this pm then off to Ronnie Scotts this evening with Kid1 to see the @Haywoodsisters. Leisurely breakfast tomorrow morning in Grosvenor Hotel in Victoria – convenient for the Gatwick Express.

Club World ticket. Meeting Matt Townend and Dom from Illume at the B lounge in LGW. Comfortable flight out, hopefully. Bit of a chillout & local tourist stuff near the Hyatt Regency Grand Cedar hotel Saturday. I’ve already told you about the rest of the trip.

I’ve checked in online, and checked my passport (9th time). BA app didn’t work for boarding pass download. Happened before – not good BA.

Catch ya later. Vid is of the railway crossing lights en route to the office. It’s travel related 🙂

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