The #orlandoroadtrip day 4 Kennedy Space Centre #GBP14

Acclimatisation continues on day 4 in advance of the Genband Perspectives14 conference with a trip to the NASA Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral. Massively impressive place if you’ve never been. Also very hot. It hit 96 degrees centigrade on the car temperature gauge (ok thermometer).

We got there for opening time and started with a breakfast of bacon, egg, cheese on Texan toast. Then we hit the shuttle exhibit and were the only ones on launch simulator which was fun. It was very satisfying walking past signs that said “15 minutes queuing from this point”. The actual Atlantis shuttle was very impressive (a repeat of the word impressive but that is what it was).

Saw a bald eagle’s nest and a couple of alligators on the bus ride as well as the launch pads and the mobile launcher that carries the rockets to the launch pad at a fuel consumption of 1 feet per gallon. There is a launch on Thursday at 9pm but unfortunately we leave for blighty at 8pm.

The Vehicle Assembly Area, according to driver Linda, is the sixth largest building by volume in the world and can contain 250 billion ping pong balls. That would be a good Guinness World Record attempt though fraught with environmental issues if some of the balls escaped.

It was so hot driving back to Orlando we kept the car roof closed and used the aircon. Stopped off at a Dennys for lunch (Philadelphia steak sandwich) before dropping the hire car back at the rental place.  Spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool before reading my book and watching the thunderstorms from my bedroom balcony. Cleared the pool.

Finished off with dinner  in the hotel with some of the Genband guys and a few beers in the Hurricanes Bar. Now almost acclimatised.

British tourists coming over for their summer holidays don’t realise that it is low season here in Orlando at this time of year because of the heat. On Day 5, ie today, we have options. It’s either theme park visits or golf. I can’t imagine anything worse than visiting a theme park in this weather when I could be strolling riding around a Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course on a buggy.

Pics below. Stay tuned…

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