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The fish finger sandwich

Before: a bed of Hovis sliced granary bread liberally spread with butter and with a moderate squeeze of Heinz tomato ketchup.

before fish fingers

With: that same bed of Hovis but now with three Young’s haddock  fish fingers grilled and laid from top to bottom across the right hand slice.

with fish fingerA gourmet sandwich. After hitting the gym at lunchtime you get home ravenous but need to head out quickly to watch Kid4 play cricket. Time is short. A fish finger sandwich is perfect for the job.

No instructions are needed. The construction of the sandwich is intuitive. Timeless. The choice of bread is personal but that bread should not be toasted. The fish fingers need to squash into the softness of the fresh bread. Tonight I had a glass of water to accompany the sandwich but milk would probably have been a better choice.

Note plain white plate on a black marbled effect worktop background. Either it is important or it isn’t. Your choice. You’re a big boy1 now. The knife visible to the right of the photograph is leaning on the edge of the plate and had to be removed in between shots whilst the plate was taken to the grill for the application of the fish fingers.

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1 or girl, depending on which one you are (obvs)

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