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This is a set of links to 4G/LTE resources/posts. Since creating this page and the links I have written a lot more about 4G – you can easily find the content by entering 4G as the search term in the search box to the top right of the blog.

Uses for 4G in business applications

Comparison of 4G network performance in London O2, EE & Vodafone

Analysis of 4G spectrum auction results

4G rollout update May here

BTW & EE win Innovation Award for 4G network sharing project

Indoor LTE coverage and demand density

LTE site surveys & Self Organising Networks

Importance of location & strategic nature of lamppost ownership

How spectrum is used

4G Macrocells and small cells for mass deployment

Take a look at this post detailing my experience with using it on the London trials in March.

798MB uploaded to YouTube in 5 minutes using 4G.

Some 4G facts from around the world.

Growth in 3G data traffic.

My first 4G experience.