WebRTC promises to be a disruptive technology that truly moves internet communications into the 21st century. WebRTC notionally fixes many of the interoperability that issues that have hung around with VoIP, and with SIP in particular and moves the business model on.

ITSPA Leeds workshop Adelphi Shabab

ITSPA held its first ever out of London workshop in Leeds last Thursday, chaired as usual by yours truly. We had three interesting talks. The first was by Adam Beaumont from AQL on mobile VoIP and why mobile networks will need regional peering for voice over 4G. Next up was Thomas Mangin of Exa-Networks/IX Leeds […]

That Alexander Graham Bell moment and WebRTC @IPCortex

I gave a talk at IPCortex’s 10th birthday party bash yesterday. Was really impressed with Rob Pickering’s WebRTC demo. He made a call from a Yealink VoIP phone hanging off the IPCortex PBX to a browser based client, also registered with the PBX. Then I called the browser client’s DDI from my mobile – surely […]

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