That Alexander Graham Bell moment and WebRTC @IPCortex

I gave a talk at IPCortex’s 10th birthday party bash yesterday. Was really impressed with Rob Pickering’s WebRTC demo. He made a call from a Yealink VoIP phone hanging off the IPCortex PBX to a browser based client, also registered with the PBX. Then I called the browser client’s DDI from my mobile – surely […]

IPCortex 10th birthday bash TNMOC Bletchley Park

I’m off to Milton Keynes this morning. Speaking at IPCortex’s 10th anniversary birthday bash. This evening I’m also being the Auctioneer at their charity fundraiser in aid of The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park. I have lots of experience with charity auctions, though usually from the perspective of someone sticking their hand in […]

Bletchley Park – where it all started

Paid a visit to Bletchley Park on Saturday with a crowd of friends. For the uninitiated Bletchley Park was the nerve centre of the Allied effort to listen in on enemy communications in World War 2. Most will have heard of the Enigma Machine that the Germans used to encrypt their communications. A number were […]