Rural Broadband’s disaster – why I care – what’s wrong – what’s to be done

A farmer’s wife speaks – rural broadband solutions why I care – what’s wrong – what’s to be done I am a hairdresser and a farmer’s wife, and I don’t want to run the country, but I do want to set a few facts straight. I got involved with tech in the late 80s, when […]

B4RN is a hero at ISPAs 2012

B4RN Broadband is award winner B4RN broadband has just been announced as winner of the Internet Hero at the Internet Service Providers Association annual Awards bash. They were pretty clear winners in the vote that involved all of the ISPA council (moi included). I’m not going to dwell on the other candidates or on the Internet […]

B4RN hits min threshold for launch – 1Gbps Hyperfast #FTTP broadband #digitalbritain

B4RN broadband reaches min threshold It’s pleasing to note that B4RN Broadband For the Rural North has garnered enough interest for the founders to launch the company and move the project forwards. B4RN was set up by a group of people who realised that the only way they were going to get decent broadband connectivity into […]

B4RN JFDI FTTH – this is real community at work – not Big Society FTTP

I note with excitement the B4RN website has gone live today. BARN do I hear you say? It stands for Broadband For the Rural North and is a community initiative set up by a team including Barry Forde, Chris Conder and Lindsey Annison to provide Fibre to the Home for country dwellers currently either completely […]