EMC datadomain compresses 103TB of VM backups to 6.8TB using deduplication

John Milner is one of our top systems engineers specialising in Virtualisation.¬†Over the last year he has been running an experiment to see the potential of using an EMC datadomain as the primary repository for VM backups. He has approximately 200 VMs (150 Linux and 50 MS Windows) backing up nightly to this appliance. What […]

Human Face of Big Data launch today #hfobd

Attended the EMC sponsored launch of The Human Face of Big Data this morning and picked up some data: Any kid born in 2012 will generate more data than all the information that mankind has ever generated. In his or her first year he will have generated more info than is currently held in Smithsonian […]

We are in! – new Timico datacentre

At 10am this morning, 28th November 2011 we officially took delivery of a datacentre. Not quite the same impact as the ceremony that ended the first world war (10th hour of the 28th day doesn’t sound quite the same as 11th hour of the 11th day) but hey… I’m not even sure there was a […]

Psst wanna buy a Storage Area Network? #SAN #EMC

When a man in a white van turns up at your place offering you a good deal on a Storage Area Network what do you do? In our case we were expecting him to turn up though I suspect he had no idea what was in the boxes. I wouldn’t normally bother writing about this […]