What’s in an award? Timico is 3x finalist in ISPAs

Earlier this year I spent an appreciable chunk of my life filling out awards entries. Three of them were for the ISPAs. Google it. These awards entries have pretty strict entry criteria and very fixed number of words that you are allowed to use. Not nearly enough space to adequately cover how great you are […]

The history of the Isle of Man Postal service by Kelly from the Isle of Man

Just reading “The Mail of Mann” – the story of postal services in the Isle of Man written by Robert Kelly. A fascinating read  if you like that sort of thing which I presumably do. On September 3rd 1837 the Post Office in the UK despatched a surveyor to the island to assess what might […]

Telephone Preference Service

I’m getting a lot of traffic for the post on the Telephone Preference Service. It’s no surprise. If your house is anything like ours we get scam calls on a daily basis. Someone needs to do something about it. We have varying strategies for dealing with the scammers in our house. These range from keeping […]

Listening to the voice of the customer

Timico lives or dies by the quality of the service it provides its customers. The continuous improvement to the service levels is something built in to framework of the business.   Monday morning is “Voice of The Customer” morning where complaints and feedback from customers received during the previous week are looked at by senior […]