Olympics Broadband Numbers BT Style – #Olympics #LOCOG

Three years or so ago someone placed an order with BT. Uhuh!  But this was no ordinary order. The order read something like this: 80,000 connections across 94 locations 4,500 miles of internal cabling 60Gb per second available bandwidth 1,800 wireless access points 16,500 telephone lines 14,000 SIM cards 14,000 cable TV outlets Juicy eh? […]

Video streaming is going to be a mix of technical and commercial problems

Interesting talk  at Linx66 by Giles Heron, Principal Network Architect for 21CN at BT. I’m not going into it all but towards the end he discussed video streaming on the network and ways that this might be made more efficient. Whilst ISPs and network operators take on the challenge of managing the growth in video […]