Which #Olympic events are going to attract most online interest? #London2012 #Locog

I’ve got tons to do but I’m on holiday after this week (yay) and the Olymic coverage is building up to near frenzy already (gawd knows what it will be like when it really gets going) so I’m doing Olympic posts.  For the avoidance of doubt that’s the London2012 summer Olympic games if any of […]

Calm before the Olympic storm?

If it’s Tuesday it must be London. Not if you’re a tourist. I’m down here for meetings but the place is remarkably calm. No queues at the taxi rank at Kings Cross Station, not many people around. The taxi driver told me it has been one of the quietest summer he has ever seen. The […]

If You Haven’t Got an Olympics Ticket I’d Think Twice about Going Anywhere Near London in August #LOCOG

Could the London2012 Olympics be the new Y2K? I suspect not. Y2K came and went and we all looked back and wondered what all the fuss was about. I have just had an email from Transport for London telling me that for large chunks of the day I can expect to have to wait longer […]

Olympics Broadband Numbers BT Style – #Olympics #LOCOG

Three years or so ago someone placed an order with BT. Uhuh!  But this was no ordinary order. The order read something like this: 80,000 connections across 94 locations 4,500 miles of internal cabling 60Gb per second available bandwidth 1,800 wireless access points 16,500 telephone lines 14,000 SIM cards 14,000 cable TV outlets Juicy eh? […]