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New Joules shop opens – queue remains calm, Bruce Schneier signs book

two_pence_thumbCould hardly contain my excitement walking to work this morning. A new shop has opened on Lincoln High Street!

I wouldn’t have notice were it not for the fact that a woman got in my way trying to take a photo of the queue. I too like to take photos (of queues) so I reversed in my tracks, whipped out my journalistic photo device and took two pics just to be on the safe side. David Bailey would have been confident with only taking one.

It’s unlikely I will be visiting this shop. It sells clothes and there is a big queue. I could understand if they were giving everything away free but there was a sign saying 15% launch discount offer so it didn’t look free.  The shop wouldn’t stay open long if it were free in any case.

They do have a website. Selling clothes. The shop’s name is Joules. People must have heard of them, presumably, because they were queuing to get in. I hadn’t. It almost felt like one of those situations where people joined the queue because there must be something worth seeing if other people think it is worth queuing for.

That’s how I got my Bruce Schneier book. It was at an infosec show. I didn’t know what people were queuing for but I hung around and hey presto it was Bruce giving away signed copies of one of his books. I got one. He signed it “To Tref Best wishes, Bruce”  or simlar.

Had I realised he was there I’d have gone and listened to his talk. It was a trade show. I couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

Infosec – what you really need to know > here.



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