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Ingredients for lasagna if done properly don’t come cheap

Spent all afternoon yesterday preparing a lasagne. Used a BBC Good Food recipe –  classy if time consuming and well worth the effort. I’m not going to go through the recipe – you have the link.

Not particularly cheap to make mind you. Ingredients for lasagna involved a whole pack of prosciutto, a mozerella cheese and a handful of fresh basil. You can’t buy a handful of fresh basil. It comes by the pot at about ten pence a leaf (ok bit of an exaggeration). Was able to make use of the nutmeg and grater I got for Christmas. Its only other application is in a cheese fondue, to my knowledge. I like cheese fondues.

Also used some fresh pasta sheets prepared ably by Kid3 who not only made the dough but also operated the machine producing exactly the right thickness of pasta. The pasta, being home made, was the cheapest bit of the recipe. My only role was bolting the machine to the table – has to be solidly secured for the correct pasta effect:) If you’ve never made fresh pasta you have to have a go. It’s far superior to the shop bought stuff.

Quite proud of the result with the lasagne. Kids cleaned their plates and went up for more without asking. Also proud to say that most of my kids are good cooks as witnessed by the fresh lasagne.

Not sure about the heir. He eats mostly beans on toast supplemented by curry whenever we meet up. In fairness his monthly budget is about what I spent on ingredients for this meal, including a bottle of wine I ended up not opening. It’ll get used at the rainfall measurement tool bbq tomorrow (see yesterday’s weekend post). Nice bottle of shiraz from Waitrose. Lamb casserole today. Slow cooked in a rich tomato sauce with green and red peppers. Yum. Got some leeks in the fridge which I’ll make something with.

Seeing as it’s a long weekend if anyone can get me some food related posts I’ll stick em up, as long as they are clean:) Make sure you send photos.

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