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08000641087 – another number to stick in your block list

pirate_flag_thumbAnother scam number for you to stick in your block list is 08000641087.

My 16 year old son had a missed call from these guys 08000641087 and rang my mobile thinking it might have been my office number.

A search reveals that this number comes from LBM Direct Marketing Ltd, a legit organisation that allegedly does telemarketing for O2 and Vodafone amongst others. They may be legit but it doesn’t mean we have to like them. There is a lot out there about this organisation if you Google it or the number.

In the direct mail world I’m sure that legislation was introduced years ago saying that only people who had opted in to receive direct mail could be bombarded with it. It’s about time they introduced a similar system for telephone numbers to replace the TPS.

The returns on cold calling are very low anyway and you wonder why people bother. The job is soul destroying and I doubt that people can stick it for very long. An inbound sales strategy is far more successful. Get people to want to call you and then it is easy.

Btw I know I said to block the number but in reality this is impractical. There are probably thousands of such numbers in use and cold calling organisations can easily change them.

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Footnote 21/2/2014 since this post was written it has had 9,853 visitors. That’s a lot of people being pestered.

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