Snowflakes, snowdrops and YouTube streaming formats – signs of spring in deepest winter

Worked from home yesterday. Weather was pants. Didn’t really matter. I lit a nice coal fire and sat in the front room doing stuff. Here’s a vid of the snow falling in my back garden. It didn’t stick. The noise is water falling off the tree above the conservatory roof. This morning I went for […]

Broadband Life: No Business Like Snow Business

You are looking at a disappointed man. Wha!  How can this be?  Surely not you Tref I hear you say? Yes yes disappointed 😉 What’s up?  We have had a very light smattering of snow. I like snow. Snow, for the most part, makes the place look pretty and means I can wrap up cosily […]

Facebook is the latest tool for announcing school closures

Friend Lindsey Annison commented today on Facebook that both her kids’ schools were shut today due to heavy snow. Their websites , however, had fallen over and were not accessible to view the announcements.  It didn’t stop the kids finding out though as the news spread like wildfire on Facebook and via SMS. Seems to me that every […]

Workforce Adapts To Icy Weather

As snowstorms hit the UK the hardy workforce at Timico HQ in Newark shrugged off the hardships to keep services going. That isn’t to say we aren’t enjoying the weather. Snowball fights abound in the carpark as they did, I’m told, with many of the people who stayed at home to work. This picture below shows […]