I could have leant upon that coppice gate – Thomas Hardy and homeworking

Broadband for working from home avoids long commute. Took me an hour and ten minutes to get in to work this morning. That’s twice as long as usual – broken down tanker on the A46. Walking in to the office I felt a bit like the Reggie Perrin of old – “20 minutes late, frozen […]

I’m Just a Big Kid, Really – Excited about the Olympics

Just had a communication through from BT re planning for the Olympics. This year the good citizens of the United Kingdom are divided into two camps – those that are looking forward to the Olympics, think it is a great thing and are really excited, and those who think it is a huge waste of […]

Broadband Life: No Business Like Snow Business

You are looking at a disappointed man. Wha!  How can this be?  Surely not you Tref I hear you say? Yes yes disappointed 😉 What’s up?  We have had a very light smattering of snow. I like snow. Snow, for the most part, makes the place look pretty and means I can wrap up cosily […]