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Samsung Galaxy S4 faulty USB socket #SGS4 problem

sgs4My Samsung Galaxy S4 has a faulty USB socket. I got this phone on 13th May 2013. Today is the 30th May 2013. The phone has lasted 17 days (I know, I’m sharp).

dead Samsung Galaxy S4 sgs4The picture of the phone is on the right. Looks dead doesn’t it. That’s because it’s switched off. It isn’t totally kaput yet but it was about to become so. I plugged in the charger but didn’t plug in the charger. It wouldn’t fit in the socket.  I tried three different cables. None of them would go. I tried them in another phone and they all fitted in as designed. Ergo something is wrong with the socket on the SGS4. The highly efficient gang in the Timico logistics department has taken control and are sending it back. I had to switch it off to conserve battery settings before making sure it was fully backed up (it now is) and reset to factory settings so my precious personal data was not accessible to whoever is going to fix it.

Ok I know what you’re saying. S*&t happens. You are right. However it seems to happen on a disappointingly regular basis with the Samsung Galaxy phones. The last one I had, a Galaxy S3 had a problem with the USB socket and separately with the headphone socket. Data transfer was dodgy and the actual charging was very intermittent, It was clearly about to go. I got it fixed. Before then I had a screen go dead on me and “water ingress” problems despite the fact that I know darn well there hadn’t been any water ingress.

I am a Samsung Galaxy fan but I have no hesitation in saying that the build quality on the Samsungs must stink. You’re not telling me I can have had all these problems and I’m the only one. In fact I know I’m not. Having written blog posts about each problem as it happen the “Samsung Galaxy S3 problem” search term in one guise or another has become one of the most popular reasons for people reaching this site. In fact there have been around 51,000 page views on the subject in the last 6 months.

In the meantime this morning I have reverted to my Nokia Lumia 920. It’s functionality is some way behind that of Samsung/Android and even, dare I say it Apple despite not being an Apple fan for unzombie-like reasons (good word structure there). What we need is the Android software running on Nokia build quality. I do accept that I haven’t been running the Nokia much but I did give it a chance for at least a month and in that time it didn’t stop charging, the headphone socket carried on working, oh and it didn’t have a dent in the casing which the SGS4 did after a few days despite, and you have to take my word for it here, me not banging it about or dropping it.

The Samsung build quality is not great. That’s all. Got it off my chest. tune in later for more mobile phone fun and frolics (though I have to get on and revise a guide to migrating to SIP trunks now so it will be a while)

Ciao amigos.

PS to make it easy for those who are interested I’ve pasted links to all the other posts that talk about Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3 problems:

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7 replies on “Samsung Galaxy S4 faulty USB socket #SGS4 problem”

My Wife’s Galaxy Nexus had a similar problem, USB port went, wouldn’t charge at all. eventually fixed after a bit of cleaning, but I would now question the wisdom of using the Micro USB connector as our standardised charging plug.
The whole point was the (cheap) cables were supposed to break/wear out before the (expensive) phone would, but this isn’t always true.
She now has a Nexus 4 – wireless charging! Nothing that could possibly go wrong there…(except that now I’ve said that, it probably will)

Sometimes I miss the days of old Nokia phones where everything was simple and just worked.

All my smartphones have eventually died of the same cause – failing USB port. A real weak link. But fixing it would of course have reduced my need to buy new phones…

I get the new phone when it comes out anyway. I’d like the first one to last more than a few days though:) (or should that be 🙁 )

I got my Galaxy S4 2 days ago and now it wont charge. I use a battery monitor app, and it said it was drawing 460mA but when I plugged the charger in, the charger was only giving 360mA (its a 2 amp charger)!!???
I had the very same problem with my S3 after it had an update to 4.2.1
My S2 was far more stable than either.

2 months or so for me. I got mine in may, and here we are wiymth a faulty usb port, which has rendered an otherwise flawless phone 100% useless.

Oh,but it gets better!

I rooted my phone,like some kind of phone wielding anarchist. When the phone boots, it says Samsung custom,clearly flagging my root attempt. Any way to fix this would involve,you guessed it,the usb port.

So here I am,with a brand new $600 paperweight in my pocket,without a phone for mythe remainderng 22 months of my contract.

So i bought a Samsung galaxy s4 last week, and so far i was really impressed by it. but today when i woke up i saw that it was almost dead.
So i thought that i forgot to put it in the charger, but i didn’t. it was connected correctly but it was not charging.
So i put the charger out-and then in again but now it only vibrates every 10 seconds then it shuts itself down.
It shows a picture of the battery and like buffing in a circle inside the battery, but not the usual green at the bottom when the battery is charging,
I don’t know whats wrong? so i put the charger in it vibrates the gray picture of the battery shows up, then it fades away?? i don’t understand last night it was charging and working perfectly.
So i just wont charge, so whats the problem. PLEASE HELP
..what should i do??? help

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