The #orlandoroadtrip day 5 #GBP14 golf

Day 5 of the Genband Perspectives 14 road trip started at 6.30 am which is good. It means that my body clock is nearly in Fl time. Went to the gym for an hour’s workout – v high tech gym at the Hyatt, only downsides being all the American TV. Hey…

A simple breakfast of a croissant and a smoothie. Struggled a bit in ordering the croissant. I pronounced it in the British way – croassont. The girl behind the counter clearly had no idea what a croassont was. I quickly did a real time translation and called it a cross-aante which produced immediate results. Felt a bit daft calling it a cross-aante mind you. Got the last one. Bet they say that to all the boys.

Off to the golf in the absolutely sweltering humidity of the Florida swamps. Beautiful golf course with lots of wildlife to be seen. One of the photos below shows some make of bird of prey. There are lots and lots of them around – basically because there is lots of wildlife for them to eat.

Straight back to the hotel after the golf (we didn’t win) and into the pool to cool off. Great pool, fair play. The poolside cocktail reception was moved inside because of the threat of thunderstorms. It was a tired Tref that attended the cocktail reception and after a while some of us retired to the comfort of the Hurricane Bar next to Hemingway’s restaurant – see the cocktails. End of Monday. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of #orlandoroadtrip.

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