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Technology Politics Round-up

Just wanted to say thanks to all for their contribution to the technology politics week on (ok one post slipped into this week but it was worth waiting for:)). The week was a great success – we had around 200 social media shares with just short of 3,000 visits. The readership is typically  from the networking and voip industries so your post will have had a  visibility by a technically aware and relevant audience.

A wide range of quite diverse subjects were covered:

James Firth on more use of startups for innovation advice rather than large businesses
Gus Hosein on reform of data protection and government surveillance laws
Paul Bernal suggests government should hire advisers versant in modern internet technology
Andrew Cormack asks for guidelines on safe use of cloud tech
Monica Horten on Why Magna Carta matters where privacy policy is concerned
Julian Huppert MP asks for a framework of principles around online rights
Peter Farmer on Ofcom, number portability reform and structural changes to the way BT works
Domnhall Dods on the Reform of the Electronics Communications Code and
James Blessing on investment in education, fibre infrastructure, IPv6 and Open Data

Had I written all the content myself I couldn’t possibly had come up with such a variety of interesting and important matters. Makes you realise how complex our online world has become and how difficult it is for a government to steer a right course.

The shame is that now that we are in full electioneering swing none of these subjects is likely to feature in in the hustings, except possibly privacy. Economic policy, Europe and the NHS are likely as usual to be the main bullet points thrust in our faces.

All important stuff of course but we as an industry should perhaps think hard about how we can influence the next government in the tech related matters described above and not find ourselves again in the position of having to fight rearguard actions against laws conceived with the right intentions but with very little informed direction.

Thanks again to all who took part. A beer/coffee (you choose) is on offer the next time we meet.

To see the full lineup of political week posts click on a link below:

James Firth on why government should stop looking to big corporates for tech innovation
Gus Hosein on Data Protection Reform and Surveillance
The Julian Huppert crowd funding campaign here
Paul Bernal suggests government should hire advisers who know what they are doing
Domhnall Dods on Electronic Communications Code reform
James Blessing Says “No matter who you vote for…
Peter Farmer on Ofcom really isn’t an all powerful deity
Dr Monica Horten on Why the Magna Carta applies to technology policy
Dr Julian Huppert MP proposes online rights framework to protect our privacy
Dave Levy talks digital policy from the perspective of a Labour Party Member and Open Rights Group subscriber.

See all our regulatory posts here.

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