George Osborne Bitcoin speech – BBC writing the news before it happens

BBC website carrying article on future George Osborne Bitcoin speech Our next door office neighbour Dan from Bitcoin company Coinative pointed out a BBC article to me this morning that covered a George Osborne Bitcoin speech. The thing is the George Osborne Bitcoin speech hasn’t happened yet and whilst the BBC talks about it in […]

Bitcoin exchange UK – First Bitcoin exchange to get a UK Bank Account

Further steps towards the endorsement of Bitcoin as a currency by both USA and UK governments with the opening of a Bitcoin exchange in UK and the Bitcoin Auction in the USA. Bitcoin exchange UK – City of London based Bitcoin exchange now has a bank account in the Isle of Man. RBS – […]

Forty shillings fine

There is still no Bitcoin Exchange UK Came across this in the Parcel Yard pub in Kings Cross Station. I liked it so took a photo. When you look at it you can almost imagine the steam trains chuffing by, whistle blowing, engine driver leaning out of his window with blue overalls,  cap and red […]

How to buy a Bitcoin – part 2 setting up an anonymous wallet

Following my first attempt at setting up a Bitcoin wallet I decided that having provided my email address this didn’t make me anonymous enough so I started again. I had considered using the Tor network to make it “totally” anonymous but figured this was totally over the top so I just opened an incognito window […]

Broken Cashpoint/ATM #Bitcoin & the cashless society

This morning on my way in to work I bumped into Tom, kid3’s piano teacher. He reassured me that kid3 was doing very well which is good. We chatted for a bit as we walked along and went our separate ways. Had I had  to drive to work I would not have bumped into Tom. Nor […]

How to buy a bitcoin in the UK – Part1, setting up a wallet

Just began the process of buying a Bitcoin. Only the one. A small investment but an affordable investment or loss if it all goes tits up. I’m working with Dan Hewitt of Coinative on this. Dan gave me a little job to do over lunch so that we could crack on when he got back. […]

HMRC gives green light to Bitcoin business?

The Telegraph has reported that HMRC will announce that it is to remove the 20% VAT from the sale and trading of Bitcoin in the UK. Until now Bitcoin has been classified as an electronically supplied service or electronic voucher (depending on which perimeter officer received the query) which meant buying from or trading with a […]

Bitcoin in the news again – no VAT & school dinners

In the news again, Bitcoin. This time HMRC have decided not to charge VAT on transactions. Seems reasonable. Made me think about coins. In our house when I get in I empty my pockets onto the kitchen worktop (near the radio). The next morning the pile of coins is substantially smaller, reduced by demands for […]

Bitcoin bet or bubble bursting?

Mt Gox is dead. Apparently. More than 750,000 Bitcoins missing, so they say.  Rumour mill an’ all. Careless that, or criminal. Either way someone has lost a lot of Bitcoin (Mt Gox has previous – see here from 2011). Now could be a good time to invest in Bitcoin. The price has dropped considerably. Mind […]

Bitcoin currency crash due to problems at Mt.Gox exchange

The Bitcoin currency suffered a huge overnight crash in value at the Mt. Gox exchange. An announcement on the exchange forum says “One account with a lot of coins was compromised and whoever stole it (using a HK based IP to login) first sold all the coins in there, to buy those again just after, […]