email Gmail Google+

Following on from my previous comments re emailing to Google+ connections not working it now is. I’ve just sent someone an email. I already had their email address but presumably not in that Gmail Contacts list. So Gmail offered to send the email to the person’s Google+ account. Just made it quicker for me. I’m […]

Google Apps update – is now working

Since Monday I’ve been trying to set up a Google Apps for Business account for I kept getting rejected with a message saying that “the domain was already in use”. I was using it via my personal gmail account – picking up emails pulled from my Timico POP3 mailbox. Deleted any reference […]

New business bank accounts for startups and problem with Google Apps for Business domain

Went to open a business bank account yesterday. It’s not opened yet. There are hoops to jump through, despite the fact that I have been with the same bank since I was a kid. In fact the business bank manager was able to do nothing apart from record the details of the new business. Approval […]

Google Docs is down – long live Google Docs?

Google Docs is down. This is not good news for people who rely solely on the cloud for their services. I wonder what the likes of the do in these circumstances. They have deadlines to meet. Presumably their actual newspaper publishing is independent of Google  Docs. Be interested in understanding people’s strategy for coping. […]

plot lost with sat nav plotted route?

I’ve been driving around the country a fair bit recently although by and large it is still easier to catch the train. I’ve even been using the Google Navigation on my Galaxy S3 so I must be visiting places I’ve never been before. The funny thing is I’ve found that when I’m in the car […]

Dropbox or Google+

I’ve noticed I keep being given free space extensions in Dropbox. I’ve just realised all my photos are being uploaded there. That means I’m uploading to both Google+ and Dropbox, using wifi only. I don’t mind this as long as Dropbox keeps extending the space. I’m not aware they provide unlimited storage aka G+ but […]

Parsing Google Internet Economy Report

Yesterday’s Google sponsored report on the internet economy naturally received huge media coverage. In 2009 the UK Internet economy was worth £100Bn (7.2% GDP), was growing at 10% a year and directly employed 250,000 people. All good stuff for us that work in this economy especially the fact that the UK is now the largest […]

Gmail Priority Inbox – why wouldn’t you use it?

My email experience is a divided one. I use Microsoft Outlook for work stuff and I use gmail for play. Actually that isn’t entirely true as uses gmail but that is a kind of hybrid work/play site. New in at Google is the Gmail Priority Inbox which prioritises your mails for you. Google’s anti […]

Some Clouds are Better than Others

I’ve been thinking about clouds. It’s a very trendy thing to do at the moment. It’s something you notice about trade shows. A trade show will evolve its name in line with what the organisers think will bring in the punters. For example in the UK “VoIP for Business” became “VoIP for Business incorporating Unified […]