We are the champions :)

We are the champions. Yay. Last night Timico together with VoIP infrastructure partners Genband triumphed winning the Global Telecoms Business Award for Innovation. In the telecoms world this doesn’t come any better. Folk had flown in from all over the world although because everyone was in a penguin suit the only way you could tell […]

S3 SBC, rhymes with VoIP, Securitee – Session Border Controller @Genband @Timico

Yesterday I wrote about our new mobile VoIP App for the iPhone. This included a link to a press release issued by Genband, our VoIP infrastructure partner. That release covered more than just the mobile VoIP iPhone App. It is a bit of an overall solution release but an important bit covers our acquisition of […]

What’s your Lync address?

This good looking boy in the screenshot is Terry Bowers, Head of Professional Services at Timico Technology Group business Redwood Telecommunications. We are obviously engaged in serious conversation as neither of us is smiling. The client itself is a feature of Microsoft’s Lync, something we decided to play with at Redwood following the UC Expo […]

Sponsorship from BT Genband Timico and Thinkbroadband for trefor.net Christmas bash

I am happy to announce that BT, Genband, Timico and Thinkbroadband have stepped forward with sponsorship for first annual trefor.net Christmas tweetup. The party starts at 1pm on Friday 17th December in the platform bar of the Betjeman Arms in St Pancras Station. Get there early to avoid the crush – thanks to our sponsors the bar […]

GenBand set to rock and roll with Nortel acquisition

Next up in the guest stitched up to play the guitar in front of a totally uncritical audience is Jason Dackins of GenBand. Up until a few months ago I had never heard of Genband.  Now they are about to become one of my most important strategic partners as they acquire the Nortel carrier division, […]