scammers and phishing attempts

Obnoxious PPI pests move into sms

I’ve had a few calls from pests lying to me that could recover mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). I know they are lying because I have never taken this sort of insurance out. Today I received a text message from 07879989478 saying: “Records passed to us show you’re entitled to a refund approximately £2130 in compensation […]


Consumer Advice Bureau – Asian branch

Just took a call from a mobile number on my mobile. It was an Indian sounding lady representing the Consumer Advice Bureau. She wasn’t trying to take money off me or sell me anything or any scam like that which is a nice change. So many of these cold calls are from dodgy sources. Anyway […]


Pre recorded phone message scam on mobile

I just got a pre-recorded message spam on my mobile phone trying to sell me some kind of insurance or other %^&*.  Aaaaaargh. The number was of course withheld. This is a public statement concerning the despicable nature of people that perpetrate this type of intrusive scam. You are in the same category as ACSLaw […]

Internet scam awareness

I’m very proud of my wife. She got one of those phishing calls yesterday saying that a problem had been reported with a virus on her PC. She is one of least technically savvy people going but told the caller (who was, from his accent, not from ’round here) where to go without batting an […]

Phishing – direct mail style

Just received my first ever phishing attempt via direct mail! With a second class stamp on it:) The only means of contact are a  ymail address and two Chinese telephone numbers, one of which is a fax line. The funny thing is if I had received this letter ten years ago I might not have been […]

Phishing by”Microsoft” engineers

I’m getting reports of increased levels of phishing attempts on broadband customers. People get a call from someone purporting to either work for Microsoft or on their behalf. The flavour of the calls go something like this: “We are working on a password security breach” “We are working with Microsoft and your ISP to increase […]


sms #phishing

Had a couple of sms phishing attempts in the last couple of days: “FREEMSG: Our records indicate you may be entitled to 3750 pounds for the Accident you had. To claim for free reply with YES to this msg.  To opt out text STOP.” The each appear to come from a different mobile number.  Needless […]

Phorm fails

I read on Monday that BT had abandoned Phorm. I didn’t consider this worth commenting on. Today I see that Talk Talk has also dropped the behavioural advertising company. From a consumer’s perspective I say hooray. As an ISP I don’t have a big enough business to make the Phorm business model work so I […]


Email scams

I went in to BBC Radio Lincolnshire this morning, as is my occasional wont, this time to talk about email scams. I am not particularly a security expert but I guess being in the ISP game I would get more exposure to this than your average Radio Lincolnshire listener. It was all about phishing emails […]


As I’m sure most of you know Phishing is a scam whereby unfriendly persons try to coax confidential account details out of individuals so that they can attempt to steal things. We are talking bank account information, network logons etc. Well this morning Timico was subjected to a phishing attack and many users were sent […]

Top Ten Security Risks For Business

These are the risks as seen by Timico engineers in their travels around our customer base together with a few of my own real world observations. This list is not authoritative but it should be insightful and if you are the owner or IT manager of a small or medium sized business then you could […]


Sorry – it’s not what you think. That should have read fishing. The quayside Whitby. I’ll talk about phishing another time.

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