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Mildly interesting Microsoft news on the wireless #Nokia

I know it’s the weekend but there was some mildly interesting technology news on the wireless (Home Programme) with the ratification of the sale of the Nokia mobile phone division to Microsoft. Microsoft have an uphill battle to catch up with iOS and Android. Although commons sense suggests there has to be room for a […]

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As sure as chocolate eggs is chocolate eggs

Thing is it’s Easter innit. Spring break if you’re from across the pond. And what is traditional on Easter Sunday? We go to church eat chocolate Easter eggs. This year only kids 2, 3 and 4 are around which will make it a tad cheaper.  On the flip side a cheapo egg with chocolate buttons […]

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IXManchester – It’s Quiet Up North #peeringweek

So IXManchester has been up and running for nearly two years (must make sure someone organises  another birthday party for June) and things continue to grow at a slightly slower pace than the first hectic few months. January saw a IX Manchester meeting take over part of GMEX Manchester Convention Centre the afternoon before UKNOF 27 and […] events

Upcoming events – workshops, dinners and themed weeks Check out the events calendar to see what’s coming up. These events and themed weeks include opportunities to take part by contributing guest posts, coming along to an event or sponsoring an event. Themed weeks are online events but often coincide with physical meetups, usually […]

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Why Does Scotland Need a Broadband Internet Exchange? #peeringweek

Almost a year ago exactly, an ambition I’ve had for a very long time came true.  It’s not a personal ambition (not exactly on my bucket list), but it’s an ambition I wanted the local Scottish Internet and broadband community to achieve. After years of failed attempts, talking amongst ourselves in the community and generally […]

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EE 4G mobile broadband roadmap in UK #LTE-A #mobilebroadband

4G speeds continue to grow in the UK as EE trial LTE-A 300Mbps. Sat in an interesting talk at UKNOF27 given by Bob Sleigh of EE. You will know that EE were the first of the mobile operators to sell 4G services in the UK. Bob told us that by the end of 2013 EE […]

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Google Apps update – is now working

Since Monday I’ve been trying to set up a Google Apps for Business account for I kept getting rejected with a message saying that “the domain was already in use”. I was using it via my personal gmail account – picking up emails pulled from my Timico POP3 mailbox. Deleted any reference […]

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Fearghas nods off

Many of you will know Fearghas McKay as a solid hard working lad who is thoroughly dependable and very knowledgeable about his subject. Such is his commitment to his job that he often works through the night at home and then turns up for a full day in the office the next day. All this […]

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Introducing the Nook Simple Touch Glow Light – billstickers will be prosecuted

This post isn’t really about the Nook Simple Touch Glow Light, worthy subject though it may be. This is a very simple post about a man putting up a poster on Platform 4 of Lincoln Central railway station. That is it! Sometimes you have to keep things simple:) The video is 3’44” long. It’s longer […]

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IPv6 to IPv4 tracert showing NAT

  Adrian Kennard of AAISP gave a talk on their implementation of IPv6  at yesterday’s UK Network Operators Forum (UKNOF).  Whilst it may not be of huge interest to most readers it is worth taking a look at how the old IPv4 and new IPv6 networked worlds will talk to each other. The picture below represents […]

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Digital Economy Bill – printer accused of illegal downloads

The cogs of Government continue to grind. I know many of you yawn at some of these regulatory posts but man cannot live on network diagrams alone. The 5th day of the Digital Economy Bill House of Lords Committee stage was held yesterday. No non-Government amendments made it through but a number of important concessions […]