Big Brother is watching you

Imagine a world where individual sales people could see how many customer contacts they take and make, be it mobile, desk phone or email. Then they compare their performance with their peers and can see how much sales revenue they each generate. An underperforming sales person is going to either buck up their act or […]

94 percent say they would choose a legal music site over a pirate one

Bit of a long post title but this is the feedback from research conducted in June on consumer behaviour and preferences in respect of music downloading.  The research was commissioned by music site We7 and conducted on 2012 consumers aged 16 to 60 over 7 days in June 2009. Its key findings make very interesting […]

Email scams

I went in to BBC Radio Lincolnshire this morning, as is my occasional wont, this time to talk about email scams. I am not particularly a security expert but I guess being in the ISP game I would get more exposure to this than your average Radio Lincolnshire listener. It was all about phishing emails […]


Having discussed the suitability of “bing” as a name for a search engine someone mentioned that they had recently found a site called WolframAlpha. Now that’s what I call a name. WolframAlpha is a “computational knowledge engine”. It is worth a look. I suspect that it has a long way to go before matching google […]

I love the French

It was only on 6th May that the European Parliament rejected Article 8 of the Telecoms Package Review.  This was the one that called for the “three strikes and you’re out” termination of broadband connectivity for anyone repeatedly found to be indulging in illegal P2P piracy. It was widely reported. Yesterday the French Parliament under […]

Sorry kids but exams are going to get harder

All ISPA members are tomorrow being sent a letter (ispa-_-qca ) from the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority asking for their help during the forthcoming school examination season. The QCA is concerned about the risk of unlawful publication of examination test questions on the internet and in particular that the usual routes for a copyright owner to […]

Telephone call charges – you never had it so good

Lots of interesting reading comes out of the European Union (sometimes).  On this occasion I continued to study the report that provided me with the VoIP league tables yesterday. This time I noted the change in the cost of fixed line telephone calls over the last ten years or so.   The chart tells me that […]

twitter in action in Lincolnshire with possible prison riot

Last night I felt I was part of a real life drama.  I live over the fields from Lincoln prison.  In Lincoln they put the prison in the best part of town to make it quicker to lock up the burglars when they catch them 🙂 As I was hitting the hay I could hear […]

Grand National hot tip #GrandNational

This is another Twitter experiment.  If anyone really wants to know I have an each way bet on Cloudy Lane and Irish Invader. Footnote Monday morning: I wanted to see if the post title would attract many visits via twitter.  It didn’t especially, even though I used the two most popular twitter search strings at […]

TV license fee for internet watching

In my mind the clock has started ticking ever so quietly for the end of TV Licensing.  A review of the TV License fee by the BBC Trust looks at the issues associated with collecting TV License revenues for the BBC. The report says “The licence fee collection is currently heavily reliant on the fact […]

Encarta – the passing of an era

Microsoft is closing down Encarta, its paid-for online encyclopedia.  It now holds such a small market share, 1.27% according to The Register,  that it is no longer viable. I imagine few tears will be shed.  It is worth noting though that this really does represent the passing of an era.  Not “the Encarta era” but […]

Spam not Spam

I have recently started corresponding with Randy Abrams of anti virus company  He has commented on some of my posts in the past.  He offered this postulation today: “Sometimes I receive spam from legitimate companies. They shouldn’t be spamming me, but this isn’t the Viagra, Rolex, and other run of the mill spammers I […]

Pirate Duck Update – Gordon Brown Petition started

Notwithstanding anyone’s particular feelings about the suitability of the Pirate Duck as a technology blog post it is worth looking at what has happened since it first hit the ether yesterday afternoon. The Facebook group Save The Pirate Duck hit 50 members the same evening. Now, 24 hours after the group was started, it has 120 members […]

Victims of internet piracy

Internet crime came closer to home today with the kidnapping of one of the Timico NetOps  team’s key players, the Pirate Duck.  Criminal sophistication has reached new heights with this case.  The gang responsible for the crime has set up a web page,,  so that distraught owner, engineer Ian P. Christian, can reassure himself that his duck is as […]

Online identity theft cost USA $48Bn in 2008

I was amazed to read in a press release by Anti Virus firm AVG that online identity theft lead to $48Bn worth of fraud in 2008 in the USA alone. This was part of a press release issued by the company today regarding its new Identity Protection product. You can read the press release yourself but this […]

Video killed the radio star

I think I might have mentioned my appearances on BBC radio 🙂 . Well now I’m producing a video. Actually the video is being made by some final year students from Lincoln University media department and it is part of a series of shorts that the students are producing for Timico. We are quite lucky to […]

Gmail Down for the Morning Yesterday

Google themselves use Gmail, so someone certainly noticed that the service was down. Gmail email was down yesterday, you may have noticed.  Certainly you might if you were one of their 113m strong userbase although I imagine that most are consumers and because it happened in business time it may not have had that significant an impact. […]

Conficker Virus (also known as downadup)

I picked up the Conficker worm whilst at LINX64 yesterday.  I’m pretty sure I was one of the few Microsoft users in the audience of out and out geeks so I know not whence it came. My virus checker caught it, or at least told me it was there. This morning I gave my machine […]

Tom Davies is the man for me – White on White

This post has nothing to do with IP. I reserve the right as a proud parent to promote the interests of my family. The media file below was recorded on Saturday by “White on White”, a guest band on my son Tom’s radio show Wake Up To The Weekend” on Saturday and Sunday mornings. […]

Twitter in action at SocComm

I already posted about SocComm which is happening in New York today. Well I just caught up with it via Twitter and I’ve been blown away with what I saw. You can follow it at the SocComm web address When I looked it was during the government and regulation session and the tweets all […]

Defining Moment In Social Networking

I’ve been conversing on Facebook with Jeff Pulver and am somewhat gutted that lack of time keeps me from attending his SocComm conference in New York this coming Tuesday, 10th February. Jeff has a lot of experience in running such events and is confident that this one “will represent a defining moment” in Social Networking. His line […]

Friday the 13th February 2009 – an unique time in history

Unix Time reaches a milestone in history next week as it hits 1,234,567,890. For those millions of readers of this blog who don’t know what I am talking about (ie most of them I’m sure) Unix Time started at midnight on January 1st 1970 and represents the number of seconds since then. Unix Time is […]

Never Look a Gift Laptop in the Mouth??!!

I’m mixing my proverbs up a bit here but the Broadband Genie comparison website has been talking about ADSL deals that include free laptops. The message basically is that these are not usually good deals and tie you in for two years during which time you are likely to be  saddled with a not very good […]


Circulating on the law inforcement distribution list of the Internet Service Providers’ Association today is information regarding a website called which appears to have set itself up as a vigilante-type organisation to hunt down downloaders of illegal extreme pornography. According to their website: “At present, our primary activities are categorizing and monitoring torrents. Our system, once […]

BBC iplayer

I caught up with some reading on the BBC  iplayer last night and lifted some interesting facts.  iplayer now has over a million users a day with 1.7 million download requests. The BBC is expecting it’s 300 millionth “play request” anytime now. During the Olympics usage rose by 40% which is is reflected in the […]