The making of the bullet proof internet movie

Exclusive behind the scenes footage of how we utterly destroyed some routers in the interest of science in the making of our broadband movie Most of you will have seen the broadbandrating shotgun movie by now. Actually to call it a movie is a bit of a stretch. In fact we would have to stretch […]

Social Media video marketing – bullet proof broadband

social media broadband marketing I know we got thousands of you thinking when we put out a post last week asking what had happened to the router. Well it was all a taster for our social media broadband marketing – video style. Last Thursday we had a corporate day out shooting. This was shooting in both […]

PRIZE COMPETITION – guess who’s wearing the sandals #LINX88

PRIZE COMPETITION Guess who’s wearing the sandals at LINX88. There may be more than one person wearing sandals, this being an internet engineering meeting. Steve Lalonde plus the wearer of the sandals may not enter. The prize is either I’ll buy you a beer or I’ll buy breakfast at Silva’s Caff on Shaftesbury Ave at […]

Charity Auction for BBC Children In Need Appeal at #trefbash2014

Charity Auction for BBC Children In Need Appeal at #trefbash2014 Yo all. With #trefbash2014 coming up fast on the rails/looming on the horizon/being just around the corner I thought we’d do something a little different this year with a Charity Auction for BBC Children In Need Appeal. First of all check out this vid, kindly produced […]

Rosetta project uses components manufactured in Lincoln UK

Rosetta spacecraft parts manufactured in Lincoln Just had a quick phone call from my mate Terry that almost gave me a mild orgasm. Years ago we worked at a company called Marconi Electronic Devices (MEDL) in Lincoln. I ran the radiation hard components product line and Terry was the chief designer. Terry reminded me of […]

RIPE69 coffee breaks are sponsored by @lonap

RIPE69 is in town this week – look me up Am at RIPE69 all this week. Working hard on behalf of LONAP who are sponsoring the coffee breaks. If you don’t already know, LONAP is a not for profit Internet eXchange Point (IXP) where members connect with each other to share their internet traffic, a […]

Announcing #trefbash2014

Here it is kids – trefbash is back with #trefbash2014 11th Dec. The UK internet industry’s biggest bash of the year is back. Now in its 5th year, the Xmas bash is again at Soho’s exclusive Phoenix Artist Club.  #trefbash2014 is a beach party – the full coconut with straw hats, garlands and a mandatory […] pissup in a brewery video

The pissup in a brewery video is released simultaneously in all global markets. It’s been months in the making. Each week I get thousands of emails asking me when it is due to be released.  Now the wait is over. I am pleased to be able to announce, for your delight and delectation, the […]

British summer holiday weather – the gathering storm

Location 1 of our 4 centre summer vacation allows me to study at first hand the British summer holiday weather in action. Bromborough, Wirral, Saturday 9th August, 2014.  I’m lying in bed listening to the first passenger jets of the day coming in to land at Speke John Lennon International airport. It is still early and […]