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Happy Birthday to us

Happy Birthday to tref, Happy Birthday to tref, Happy Birthday to trefor dot net, Happy Birthday to tref. I was writing a proposal last night and in it put a vague “ has been going 7 or 8 years”. This didn’t feel particularly right. I should know how long the blog has been going. I looked it up. […]


Moped wanted for movie short

Moped motorbike or scooter I’m looking for a moped to star in a video that is extremely time sensitive – has to go out before the general election. It could be a motorbike or scooter. Location London. Will explain more if you want to get in touch. Ta Tref

Friend of mine called Robert

Friend of mine called Robert signed up for a World Hosting Days London conference a couple of years ago. His motivation was that they were giving out free Samsung Galaxy tablets to anyone who would go around each exhibitor boot and get a card stamped. When he signed up he put the words “I’m only […]

uc executive dinner voice recognition cloud provider survey technology marketing

Randomly dictated

voice recognition Giving the kids a lift to school this morning. T I thought i’d fill in some time was waiting for the kids to get ready by randomly dictating a post. New line I i also did this yesterday from the cafe in the office because i didn’t have a key with me and […]

Facebook down – oh

I note facebook is down. I checked it on twitter. Twitter is alive with the news. Suddenly occurred to me that it doesn’t matter. It is interesting, however, to consider that facebook must have a massively reliable platform but still has problems.  It goes to show that you can never achieve 5 nines reliability. Twitter […]

Charity Auction for BBC Children In Need Appeal at #trefbash2014

Charity Auction for BBC Children In Need Appeal at #trefbash2014 Yo all. With #trefbash2014 coming up fast on the rails/looming on the horizon/being just around the corner I thought we’d do something a little different this year with a Charity Auction for BBC Children In Need Appeal. First of all check out this vid, kindly produced […]

The Pylons at the Royal Albert Hall

Hitler, he only had one ball…

The Pylons at the Royal Albert Hall Having spent all last week in Hammersmith at RIPE69 the start of this week saw another two days in London. This time the visit was to see The Pylons at the Royal Albert Hall at the Music For Youth Festival – the Schools Proms. I’m very proud to tell […]

LONAP phone charger prize at RIPE69

RIPE69 coffee breaks are sponsored by @lonap

RIPE69 is in town this week – look me up Am at RIPE69 all this week. Working hard on behalf of LONAP who are sponsoring the coffee breaks. If you don’t already know, LONAP is a not for profit Internet eXchange Point (IXP) where members connect with each other to share their internet traffic, a […]

Bar at London's Phoenix Artist Club #trefbash2014

Announcing #trefbash2014

Here it is kids – trefbash is back with #trefbash2014 11th Dec. The UK internet industry’s biggest bash of the year is back. Now in its 5th year, the Xmas bash is again at Soho’s exclusive Phoenix Artist Club.  #trefbash2014 is a beach party – the full coconut with straw hats, garlands and a mandatory […]

pissup in a brewery beer cans pissup in a brewery video

The pissup in a brewery video is released simultaneously in all global markets. It’s been months in the making. Each week I get thousands of emails asking me when it is due to be released.  Now the wait is over. I am pleased to be able to announce, for your delight and delectation, the […]


Banknote – I promise to pay the bearer

Banknote promise by Andrew Bailey, Chief Cashier, Bank of England. This afternoon I used a twenty pound note to pay for two teas and a fruit scone at the @Harbour_lights cafe in Peel. For the first time, ever, I noticed the wording on the banknote “I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of […]

Yorkshire Tea Jazz All Stars

Yorkshire Tea Jazz All Stars

Yorkshire Tea Jazz All Stars entertain the crowds at Old Trafford Test Match Yorkshire Tea Jazz All Stars. Heard of ’em? I hadn’t either but I have now. In fact I don’t think they are called the Yorkshire Tea Jazz All Stars but I wasn’t concentrating when they made the announcement at the cricket but it […]

british summer holiday weather

British summer holiday weather – the gathering storm

Location 1 of our 4 centre summer vacation allows me to study at first hand the British summer holiday weather in action. Bromborough, Wirral, Saturday 9th August, 2014.  I’m lying in bed listening to the first passenger jets of the day coming in to land at Speke John Lennon International airport. It is still early and […] is on holiday is on holiday is on holiday. Sometimes you just have to kick back and relax. This August is on holiday. That isn’t to say nothing is happening. Lots going on in the background. Under the hood (bonnet). We have an active programme planned for the Autumn – check out the events calendar. In the meantime I […]

lincoln car fire

Lincoln car fire outside University STOP PRESS

Lincoln car fire has fire engine in attendance A Lincoln car fire is not that common I’d say, though I’m not an expert on these things. I was sorting out the aircon in the office. The vent had dropped off so it was blowing cold air out one side of the office and hot air […]


Lost in translation – google translate funny error

Google translate funny error shows it doesn’t always get it right Was browsing TripAdvisor with a view to going to Majorca on holiday. I’ve always associated Majorca with pile em high sell it cheap holidays I would be unlikely to take. However I’m told that the North and East sides are v nice so I’m […]

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