England v India Trent Bridge – a tale of two Andersons & Yealink VoIP phone

England v India highlights – Root & Anderson  10th wicket world record, I am nearly knocked out by a cricket ball, Pamela Anderson gets cricketer autograph & I spot a Yealink VoIP phone. England v India at Trent Bridge was the backdrop for  great day out with the kids yesterday. There are two ways to […]

Geo Restriction Means a Pirate’s Life for Me…

Accessing the whole of creation…what is available in my “region” of it, that is. A regular contributor to trefor.net, we are as always pleased to present insight from James Blessing, the current Chair of the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) UK. Once upon a time in the west, a man sat and contemplated the state […]

The Hump Day Five (25-June-2014)

On Wednesday Trefor.net’s Editor-in-Chief serves up The Hump Day Five, a weekly collection of short (and not so short) glimpses of the life in progress. 1 Bolting to meet My Missus for a Pay-For-Weekend-Well-Spent swim (the value of which we will immediately negate with a hearty follow-up Mexican lunch), and just realized that my mobile […]

World cup football – the movie

The football world cup reminds me of the movie “Those magnificent men in their flying machines”. For those far too young to remember the movie was a comedy where pilots of many different nationalities converged on the UK to participate in a flying race to Paris. There were joke teams, dastardly skulduggery that went wrong, love […]

Carholme Golf Club 36 Hole Comp honours board.

Played Carholme Golf Club yesterday. Used to be a member but not been back for perhaps 25 years or more. Check out 1985 on the honours board for the 36 hole medal comp. Ahem. Beautiful sunny day. Played crap but a good time was had with good company with a very refreshing lager shandy in […]

Alex Murphy’s Life in India: Driving

Guest contributor Alex Murphy is President at DCM Shriram and a Privilege Member at Rugby Football Union. From time to time will be sharing his thoughts and observations from his life in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Today marks his first time writing for trefor.net. The drive to work throws up the usual list of crazy antics […]

Testing testing 1 2 1 2 – pixels from around a University @unilincoln

Ya get out of the office and what do you see? Well out front there are swans swimming lazily along on the water. The red brick building is the library. My office is to the left where that sticky out yellow bit is but on the other side. The library as seen from the back […]

Flying Away on a Wing and a Prayer

I’ve been daydreaming about technology. Again. Oftentimes you will see me, fingers unmoving on my keyboard, my mind skimming the clouds (not “the cloud”), blissfully imagining features that I want/need/must have in my next computer. **Cue dreamy fantasy, Fender Rhodes-ish, 1970s-era TV comedy music. Cue LOUD thunder crack.** …a monster SSD (I recently carved a […]

A game of two halves, a bit of extra time and the hopes of a nation – England v Uruguay

England v Uruguay – trefor.net reports in the build up to the latest most important match for England. England v Uruguay – a game of two halves, report on two halves for an audience of two halves – I suspect that a big chunk of the readership of this blog are not the least bit […]

Watching the Football

Yesterday a friend of mine in the UK asked me if I was “going to watch the football”, stating his own excitement over the soon-upon-us 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (the official label of the event, if the website is any indicator), and then asking “Have you converted a little? Soccer to you, I guess.” […]

Announcing the trefor.net Pissup In A Brewery

Ever been to a Pissup In A Brewery? Well we at trefor.net like to let our hair down and this summer are having a BBQ with a difference. It is indeed a “Pissup In A Brewery”, sponsored by LONAP and  located at Dan Lowe’s Fourpure brewery in South Bermondsey, just 5 minutes from London Bridge. Folk that […]

I bought a Grill Cleaning T Brush from Tesco

What’s a grill cleaning t brush I hear you say? There are two possible answers. It’s either three quid from Tesco  or a wire brush for cleaning barbecues Or in this case both of the above. There are a few observations to be made in respect of this particular grill cleaning t brush. One is […]

Gymnasium etiquette and staying in the zone

Last week I took the plunge and joined Lincoln University gym. Drastic measures are called for – the lifestyle in this networking game is too social networking oriented, and I’m not talking about online social networks. Anthony took me through a 1 hour induction process measuring weight, Body Mass Index etc etc etc although they […]

Connected Like a Peasant

On a recent trip to France, I spent a day and a half in Chartres. I toured the cathedral there. I think there are strong similarities between the way we relate to technology today and the way people once related to technology in medieval Europe. This applies to emerging technologies, such as augmented reality and […]