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RIPE74 is in Budapest

RIPE74 report from Budapest Sat in the RIPE74 meeting having arrived at tea time last night. Every time I come to these meetings I am reminded at how good these events are. It’s not just the content. It’s the opportunity to meet folk relevant to your business that you wouldn’t normally see on a day […]

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LONAP is at RIPE72 Wearing my LONAP hat again today. Actually that is a figure of speech. You can see from the featured image that I’m really wearing my LONAP shirt. Facebook friends will know that I’m at the RIPE72 conference in Copenhagen. We, LONAP, get a lot out of these conferences. Not only is […]

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RIPE71 Tuesday afternoon – international cyberwarfare – the internet as a field of war

cyberwarfare This talk promises to be very interesting – is presented by  team from Leiden University

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RIPE71 social scenes

It isn’t all work you know – videos from the first night RIPE71 social The RIPE71 social was a goodun. It’s always a bit of a risk using video recorded at such events because you never know what clarity of diction is going to be achieve, if you get my drift. On this occasion we […]

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RIPE71 – end to end reportingish

A RIPE71 story begins. The live blogging feature doesn’t seem to want to show embedded videos so these are pasted into the body of the blog

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I have to tell you about RIPE70. RIPE70 was held in the Okura hotel in Amsterdam. Very nice hotel. Nice pool, sauna, bars etc etc. Amsterdam was very nice too. Great restaurants, picturesque streets and canals. Only downsides were the lethal nature of the roads and the beer. Re the roads you have to look out […]


RIPE69 wrap up – Karaoke BoF

RIPE69 karaoke – excruciating 🙂 T’was a week of excess. Excess conference sessions, excess coffee and excess alcohol. It would be difficult for an outsider to understand that the internet is actually fuelled by coffee and beer. That’s what makes those packets move. No sleep is involved. There is also whisky. On Thursday night, deep […]

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Prince Harry special guest appearance at #ripe69 social

RIPE69 social sponsored by LINX on their 20th birthday Whoever said the conference game is a nice little cushy few days out of the office has clearly never been to one. RIPE69 is in London this week and has an action packed schedule. There is very little downtime. This is partly because as soon as […]

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RIPE69 wireless LAN

RIPE69 wireless LAN is terrific You have to hand it to our industry. Whenever I go to a conference the WiFi internet access is usually terrific. On this occasion at the Novotel in Hammersmith we have 600 or so engineers crammed into a meeting room. That’s a lot of folk using the internet whilst listening […]

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RIPE69 coffee breaks are sponsored by @lonap

RIPE69 is in town this week – look me up Am at RIPE69 all this week. Working hard on behalf of LONAP who are sponsoring the coffee breaks. If you don’t already know, LONAP is a not for profit Internet eXchange Point (IXP) where members connect with each other to share their internet traffic, a […]

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Advanced registration opens for end of IPv4 address pool party #ICANN #IPv4 #ARIN #RIPE

IPv4 address space is down to 7% on the exhaustion counter – see the right hand column on this blog.  I’m never sure when it clicks over because I’m not watching it all the time. I’d like to be there when it clicks down a number. It’s a bit like seeing the mileometer in your car click […]

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LONAP traffic continues to grow with new peak

LONAP traffic up and to the right LONAP traffic continues to grow with a new peak this month of over 240Gbps. I’d just been thinking of rattling off a quick post telling you we have broken through the 200Gigs mark at 206Gbps when lo and  behold that post became instantly obsolete. There have been 3 […]

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how do you perform interop testing after firmware upgrade?

voip interop testing made easy? I’d be interested in chatting to anyone out there who has to periodically does voip interop testing to certify equipment after a firmware upgrade. You may be an IP telephony handset manufacturer or a vendor of other equipment that needs to be certified against an operator’s platform or network. This could […]

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In which I take a look at my new Oneplus 2 one week in

Oneplus 2 review – is the upgrade worth going for? I took delivery of my new Oneplus 2 last Wednesday. Initial thoughts: Screen already chipped – wtf?? I like the fingerprint recognition – works really well Took a while to figure out how to close down the camera app V cool button for selecting priority […]

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Hurricane Nora strikes

I mean storm Abigail I should say mildly agitated bit of wind Abigail.  I wouldn’t promote her to storm, at least not in Lincoln. Course things may be different in other parts of the country. In the West. Where they get all the weather. Here in Lincoln it has got colder and I’ve stuck the […]

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Veteran board level techie has seen some progress in her career

30 years in tech has seen some progress When I was asked if I would like to contribute a blog item on Women in Tech I seriously wondered if I was the right person to do it.  You see I have never thought of myself as a Woman in Tech. I am simply a person […]

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LinkedIn endorsements but no poetry

There was a young feller called… It’s all coming out now, the narcissist in me:) This is a screenshot taken from my LinkedIn profile. I did it really because I liked the colours. I’m quite a simple guy tbh. I spotted it when looking to see how many LinkedIn connections I have fwiw. I’d spotted […]

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Global broadband competition stakes heat up

China broadband Picked up this article in Total Telecom.  China plans to spend $327Bn on rolling out ubiquitous broadband by 2020. The slowest performance will be 20Mps with urban connurbations (or however you spel it:) ) of more than 200k people getting 100Megs. I don’t know how that compares with the per head spending in […]

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Working away from home & Natter

Natter Natter Natter Oy Oy Oy The nature of the modern world is that people frequently have to travel as part of their job. In the internet plumbing game this is even more the case. I don’t think I’ve ever worked in an industry that has more conferences and meetings. In the UK alone there […]

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Hitler, he only had one ball…

The Pylons at the Royal Albert Hall Having spent all last week in Hammersmith at RIPE69 the start of this week saw another two days in London. This time the visit was to see The Pylons at the Royal Albert Hall at the Music For Youth Festival – the Schools Proms. I’m very proud to tell […]

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Business case for IPv6 #UKNOF29

Participants at UKNOF29 in Belfast were unconvinced that there was a business case for IPv6 It’s over three years since the UK networking industry got together to celebrate the end of the internet as we knew it. The “Move over IPv4, Bring on IPv6” party in the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden had […]

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IPv4 leasing & IPv6 penetration into networks

IPv4 leasing offer from broker but uses gmail address. Got an email at my LONAP address yesterday asking if we had any spare blocks available for IPv4 leasing. I used to occasionally get them when at Timico as I think did most of the industry. This time it’s prompted me to look a little deeper into […]

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Yes, I Read Super Hero Comic Books

There are far worse things you can carry from childhood to adulthood than super hero comic books (and fewer that look better on your tablet screen). For me, super hero comic books are just one of those things. I loved them as a child in single digits, continued to look in on them occasionally (and […]

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Broadband Week on

Broadband week on brings a totally international set of posts that includes contributions from Australia, South Africa and Rochdale. Broadband Week has, in all, over 15 contributors who have written material that covers a very diverse set of subjects. Editorially we do not ask specific contributors to write on particular subjects unless they can’t […]

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A father’s day message

There are four ways of approaching father’s day:  as a son, a father, as oneself and with the whole thing as a load of commercial cobblers. As a son my thoughts naturally turn to my eighty year old dad in the Isle of Man. I’ll give him a bell later this morning. We’ll have a […]

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Saturday Snapshot (07-June-2014)

Yesterday My Missus and I decided to cap off Saturday with “Skyfall” and a big bowl of pasta, figuring that at the ripe age of 12 The Boy and his visiting friend were both ready for a bit of Bond, made the all the more tasty accompanied by fussili drenched in freshly crushed-out pesto. Being […]

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Sell by dates taken to the extreme

Activia yoghurt introduce very precise sell by dates. Ya gotta laugh innit. I was just polishing off this peach flavoured Activia, eaten in tandem with a medley of both fresh and tinned peaches with fresh ripe mango (for the foodies amongst us) and for some reason it occurred to me to look at the sell […]

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Saturday Snapshot (3-May-2014)

Lest regular readership get the mistaken impression that every La Famille Kessel Saturday is filled full-up with memorable diversion, today I will not report on a Normandy beachside kite festival competition or a world-class photo exhibit attended or any such specialness. Instead, dear and generous reader, I will gladly bring you along on a short […]

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My name is Andy and I work for Tesco

Walking to the station this morning en route to an ITSPA meeting in Town I noticed a young suit staring into his phone. As I got closer I saw that his name was Andy and that he worked for Tesco. His name was displayed on a badge on his lapel. I’m not sure what font […]

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Air France has Me all A-Twitter

Decided to leave the cave and go mobile to do the writing thing today. And why not? Both of the pieces I hope to crank out are of a mobile ilk, the weather on this early April Paris Monday is Spring Fever inducing, and a new local wifi-enabled coffee house (Le Café Lomi) has opened […]