trefbash 2015 is today – SOLD OUT

trefbash 2015 est arrivee trefbash 2015 is a sellout, as usual and I’m looking forward to meeting y’all. Hopefully the theme of Bond meets Rocky Horror will have given people food for thought. Early indications are positive. Don’t expect much feedback tomorrow as trefbash has traditionally grown into a two day event. Doors open tonight at […]

Charity Auction for BBC Children In Need Appeal at #trefbash2014

Charity Auction for BBC Children In Need Appeal at #trefbash2014 Yo all. With #trefbash2014 coming up fast on the rails/looming on the horizon/being just around the corner I thought we’d do something a little different this year with a Charity Auction for BBC Children In Need Appeal. First of all check out this vid, kindly produced […]

Announcing #trefbash2014

Here it is kids – trefbash is back with #trefbash2014 11th Dec. The UK internet industry’s biggest bash of the year is back. Now in its 5th year, the Xmas bash is again at Soho’s exclusive Phoenix Artist Club.  #trefbash2014 is a beach party – the full coconut with straw hats, garlands and a mandatory […]

Advanced notice – blogging suspended due to #trefbash2013

This is to let you know not to expect anything coherent (ok ok I know what some of you are going to say…) out of this site until probably Tuesday. Technological revolutions can come and go and scoops, news, reviews, snippets, gleanings and gossip will pass by unnoticed. This is because tonight is #trefbash2013. An […]

#trefbash2013 update

In my original announcement for #trefbash2013 I said that I wouldn’t be providing any food but that guests could order from the standard menu and pay for their own. Well I’m pleased to report that due to the generosity of sponsorship this year I have been able to chuck in some nosh so make sure […]

Champagne drinkers outselling the rest 22hours into #trefbash2013 launch #bigdata

Bigdata is trendy and I have a little bit of big data here for your interest (or not – might be totally boring). Out of 75 tickets “sold” in the 22 hours since the announcement of  #trefbash2013 went live 24 were “champagne drinkers”, 17 “volume beer drinkers”, 14 Hard core vodka types”, 13 “friends of […]

Announcing #trefbash2013

The xmas bash 2013 is on Thursday 12th December. This year we are back at SoHo’s Phoenix Artist Club. When you have a winning recipe why change it. We even have the same musical line up with the Jeff Brown quartet and international jazz pianist Colin Dudman. Last year we drank 53 bottles of champagne. […]

photographic evidence of a great night #trefbash 2012

The annual #trefbash was the best one so far. Held last Thursday at the PhoenixArtistClub a packed house partied into the wee small hours to the tunes of the Jeff Brown Jazz All Stars and Colin Dudman on piano. Great venue, great entertainment, great party. These bashes are attended by a wonderful mix of industry […]

Thanks to everyone for making #trefbash 2011such a big success

Big thanks to everyone who came to the tweetup last night. I think the general consensus is that it was a huge success. Special thanks go to all the sponsors.  Couldn’t have made it happen without you. Also the venue was a  stunner and the staff at the hotel looked after us superbly. I’ll stick […]

There’s tiles in them thar clouds

Superfast Broadband is Picture Perfect for Tiling Company cloud storage of 50,000 images As we approach the end of Lincolnshire broadband week on this blog we have a couple more case studies for you hot off the press – onlincolnshire are sponsors of this themed week on Superfast broadband has been a success […]

Pretty graphic reaction to ISP porn blocking

Thought I’d slip this one in – adult content filter eh 😉 I don’t know John Harvey but he seems a fairly forthright kind of guy. From Yorkshire maybe. It’s not so much that you are telling your ISP anything when you opt out of the adult filter, or whatever it’s called. We doubt that […]

Openreach engineering visit

Openreach engineering visit fixes one fault and finds another The doorbell rang yesterday just after lunch. It was an Openreach engineer. Good news. He had come to fix our phone line. I wasn’t expecting him but there again wasn’t going to turn him away. Out phone line has been jiggered since Saturday. It’s ok as […]

Prince Harry special guest appearance at #ripe69 social

RIPE69 social sponsored by LINX on their 20th birthday Whoever said the conference game is a nice little cushy few days out of the office has clearly never been to one. RIPE69 is in London this week and has an action packed schedule. There is very little downtime. This is partly because as soon as […] xmas bash 2014 sponsorship packages

How you can get involved in the Xmas bash 2014 The xmas bash is an established high point of the networking calendar for those working in the UK internet industries. Attendees are a mix of networking (usually LONAP and  LINX members), VoIP, data centre and hosting company engineers and executives with a further […]

Announcing the Pissup In A Brewery

Ever been to a Pissup In A Brewery? Well we at like to let our hair down and this summer are having a BBQ with a difference. It is indeed a “Pissup In A Brewery”, sponsored by LONAP and  located at Dan Lowe’s Fourpure brewery in South Bermondsey, just 5 minutes from London Bridge. Folk that […]

Early morning meanderings of an insomniac – for the other insomniacs amongst us

In the wee small hours of the morning when the whole wide world is fast asleep I get up and go and sit downstairs and listen to the cars go racing by (sung to the tune of “Wee small hours of the morning”). Who is about at 4.50am? Where are they off to? It’s a […]

First night without a phone

Yesterday I smashed the screen on my S4. Correction. I accidentally dropped it and the screen smashed. This wasn’t a wanton act of vandalism by a man frustrated with the inadequacies of his communicator. Although I’ve stuck my SIM in Kid4’s Galaxy Mini i’ve decided that to use that device is too much of a […] events

Upcoming events – workshops, dinners and themed weeks Check out the events calendar to see what’s coming up. These events and themed weeks include opportunities to take part by contributing guest posts, coming along to an event or sponsoring an event. Themed weeks are online events but often coincide with physical meetups, usually […]