Universities getting savvy re recruitment process

My daughter is in her last year at school. She is a clever hard working girl1 and will do well for herself. She has had 4 good offers from top universities but hasn’t yet made up her mind which one to accept. She is off on her last “site visit” this week. An “overnighter”. Students from […]

A time of innocence – phone boxes and Meccano train sets

When I was a kid in the Isle of Man I used to play sports after school – cricket in summer and rugby in winter. Afterwards I’d walk down Bray Hill to the phone box at the bottom and call home for a lift. I didn’t need cash. When the pips went Mam would know […]

What’s in a name?

Despite on occasion being known to criticise the UK government for policy matters relating to the internet I am not a particularly political person. I have had a go at both (New) Labour and the current coalition. The one thing I can’t fault them on, whatever their political hue, is the names of the politicians […]

wistful retrospectives and bold predictions?

I suspect that at this stage of the holidays I normally write a review of progress over the last 12 months (with appropriately satisfied noises) and put my mind to the next year. Well this year all I have to say about  2011 is that it was another great one – they all are. No […]

2 days til Santa comes yay

This is undoubtedly one of my favourite times of the year. When you are a believer like me the run up to Christmas Eve is very exciting. I start going to bed early and being a good boy so that there can be no question in Santa’s mind that he should be making that important […]

What’s love got to do with it?

Visited Hampton Court today. It wasn’t originally on the agenda but we stayed at a pub last night called The Kings Arms – situated just outside the back gate to Ennery 8’th old gaff. He probably used to nip there for a swift one before each marriage – just for a bit of Dutch courage, […]

Friday afternoon blogging and the Royal Military Tournament

We bloggers when it comes to Friday afternoon begin to think about the weekend. For most of us the two precious days off are a chance to recover from the stresses of the week, recharge the batteries and quietly begin to compile the ideas for posts in the week ahead. By the following Friday afternoon these […]

Me and Sir Viv Richards go way back

One of my massive cricketing heroes is Sir Viv Richards and I was privileged to sit at the same table with him at lunch in the City yesterday. Click on the header for a bigger shot – the guy on the left is my friend Umar Bajwa who is IT Director at the Murphy Oil […]

23 minutes on the phone to my insurance co – where automation can help in a big way

I have just been on the phone to my car insurance company to change the names of two of the kids! What I mean is I added them to the policy on Monday and the insurance company got both names wrong as well as not putting my wife’s full name on. I had to call […]

2011 – a year of frenetic change in prospect

iPad2,kindle3G,PlayBook,Galaxy,Zeus,Sony Vaio 3D,iPhone5,MacBook Air,Blackberry Torch,Nokia N8,HTC Desire HD,HTC 7 Trophy,LG Optimus 2X,Fossil Connected,impulse smartwatch,HTC tablet,Ubuntu Tablet,7” Dell Streak. Aaaaargggggh! Is there hope? Gadgets coming at us from all directions, no doubt accompanied by massive advertising spend. Perhaps “Advertising” is the right business to be in for 2011? Everyone is going be buying one or more […]

Happy Christmas to all on the blogosphere, twittersphere and everywhere else generally

I’m a bit of a sentimental old softie really and I love this time of year. I like the warm glow of the traditional Christmas, the log fire blazing in the grate, the tree all beautifully lit up and presents piled high underneath, the pop of the champagne cork, the chink of glasses and the noise […]

Will the real Gary Moore please stand up and play the guitar!

When I was a kid one of my favourite songs was Parisienne Walkways by Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore.  Imagine my delight when Gary just went and walked right into my office this afternoon. He was visiting Newark and I am honoured to inform you that he said he couldn’t come all this way without […]

Who will win the Nomura Varsity Match at Twickenham today?

I’m off to the rugby today so this is a pre-recorded message. It’s the Varsity Match – the annual Oxford v Cambridge battle. Rugby isn’t really something you can play on a frozen pitch and apart from under-pitch heating or a covered roof there isn’t much that technology can do to prevent the game being […]

Winter on trefor.net

It hasn’t been often in my lifetime that we have had real winters that befit our position so far North on this globe. I have to say that the only downer as far as I am concerned from this weather is the fact that the Lincoln Christmas Market had to be cancelled. The photo strips […]

I like a good book

The high levels of intelligence and stamina required to survive the rigours of life in the engineering department of an Internet Service Provider attracts a certain breed of individual. They are all well rounded, interested in writing code, computer games, sky diving, the occasional glass of beer and like to look after their mental and […]

#BP oilspill map superimposed on to UK

The BP oilspill crisis only really hit home today when someone showed me this map of the spill overlaid onto the UK. The area is huge. Check out this website to move the overlay to where you live. It includes live streaming from BP. I’ve captured it today so that you can check out the growth […]

Richard Rodrigo Baxter plays in guest guitar spot at NOC

Richard Baxter of Neos Networks bravely took up the challenge of playing the NetOps guitar when visiting the Timico office last week. Watched by colleague Gary Waterman he entertained the Tech Support teams with a virtuoso performance of Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez, or at least I think it was 🙂 This was such a successful […]

Volcanic ash cloud has a silver lining

Every volcanic ash cloud has a silver lining, did you know?  My wife  Anne is a supply teacher.  That’s a substitute teacher for American readers. Normally she does two or three days a month, mostly to keep her hand in but also to help fund feeding the four ravenous children that run rampant around our house. […]

Radar map showing real time flight information – effect of Icelandic volcano

Live air traffic control radar data as of 7.45am Saturday 17th April. Nothing to do with IP Communications although everything to do with the internet I guess. An x represents an airport, a plane is a plane. The map shows how the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud is affecting air traffic in Europe – only a […]

Network Operations Guitar – strings attached and requests taken

Sometimes you just have to have a bit of fun.  This is  the NetOps guitar.  It is an essential partof the toolkit at an ISP Network Operations Centre. It was in the window of the British Heart Foundation charity shop in Fareham  and we made it ours. It comes out every now and again for a […]

telecoms sector says impact of recession is worse this time than in 2001

It was said that during the last recession over 1 million people left the communications industry. I know one person, for example, that decided to run his own Post Office branch. I don’t have any stories this time round – I’m too busy. However the results of a survey I just read from Cobalt Corporate […]

What Santa does after a hard day’s present delivering!

When Santa has finished for the day (night) he goes in for some well deserved relaxation. In this case Timico was pleased to be able to offer him a massage. We had a team of therapists, masseuses and beauticians in yesterday to give the staff a bit of a Christmas treat and luckily for Santa […]

What Santa does after a hard day's present delivering!

When Santa has finished for the day (night) he goes in for some well deserved relaxation. In this case Timico was pleased to be able to offer him a massage. We had a team of therapists, masseuses and beauticians in yesterday to give the staff a bit of a Christmas treat and luckily for Santa […]