cop this – who is number 72 in the top 100 tech blogs? :)

I realise that this doesn’t mean much but in the interest of enlightenment and world peace I would like to share with you this  fine infographic in which I appear at the magnificent ranking of number 72 in the top 100 tech blogs to follow in 2013:) Fame at last. Other than using the Alexa […]

TalkTalk break records for downloads with 557GB per sec on New Year’s Day

TalkTalk is a highly successful provider of communications services – broadband, phone lines etc. I noted an entry in the Twitter stream this morning that showed they had seen record traffic levels on New Year’s Day – people upgrading firmware on new gadgets, using the gadgets etc. We know this because TalkTalk CTO Clive Dorsman […]

New British record set at DP World Southampton

I just happened to be flicking through (metaphorically) the website (as you do) when I noticed that Southampton docks have set a new British record for container moves. Well I gotta tell you, I woz there! Southampton docks are a joint venture between DP World and Timico customer Associated British Ports and I was […]

Goooooood Morning – one Weetabix or two?

It’s Tuesday morning and you find me full of beans, enthusiasm and a thirst for life. Outside it is a nice minus two degrees Centigrade and there is a hard frost but the sun has risen above the horizon and is doing its utmost to drive the low lying mist from the Lincolnshire fields. V […]

Alex Murphy is dead – long live Alex Murphy

A year ago last Saturday Alex Murphy died. This was no staged death of the line fluffed comedian, booed off by an unforgiving crowd or the fate of the failed gladiatorial actor staring up at the inverted thumbs of angry Roman citizenry in a modern Coliseum. Alex was playing rugby for the Commons and Lords […]

The Harrison H4 timepiece and other historical nautical memorabilia (the Cutty Sark)

Sometimes you get the opportunity to see something totally historic – like the Olympics for example. On Saturday I saw two things in the same afternoon that were in the same league. First of all the Cutty Sark was hugely impressive. Then we went to the Royal Observatory and saw the Harrison H4 timepiece. It […]

Facebook promoted posts – uh?

I linked to that last post on why I want my Samsung Galaxy S3 back from Facebook. I wanted to make sure that none of my friends missed the post otherwise no-one might read it:). For the first time ever I got this popup/toast/whatever they call it suggesting I might want to pay to promote […]

Call that an office? This is an office

You walk into some high flyer’s office, sink into the lush undergrowth that is the carpet, disappear into the soft leather interiors of the sofa at one end and gaze down on the worker ants swarming around the city, dozens of floors below. Size of the office, backed up with exclusive accessories = status.  Its […]

School governors and giving something back to society

We are extremely fortunate with the school our kids go to. It has served the first two well and the next two are having a great time the youngest having just been elected as vice representative of his class. Starting a bit young I thought but hey… The school is a user of modern technology. […]

Annual watersports & BBQ evening another splashing success

Last week we had the annual Timico watersports evening at the Activities Away lake on Lincoln bypass. As usual a great time was had by all. I’m going to let the pictures do the talking other than to say our team won by a country mile nautical league. This was mainly thanks to the raft building […]

Rain doesn’t have to stop play you know

It rained yesterday. It’s been in the news. Trains cancelled or stranded unable to move due to “water on the line” – millions of gallons of it. In Lincolnshire we saw 33mm of rain fall in one day in a month that has an average rainfall of 52mm – for the whole month that is. […]

photo mania madness must stop

It is only recently that I mentioned taking a Gig’s worth of photos at the Lincolnshire show using my Samsung Galaxy S3. Well this photo mania madness must stop. Last night I rattled off almost 2.5Gigs worth. Storage is cheap but not that cheap and I have to consider what on earth I will do […]

Tom Wood beer and wooden biros at the Lincolnshire Show

Just got back from the Lincolnshire Show. It’s a great day out with the family. I’ve got a lot to talk about but in the interest of getting a post out today I offer a short one with a wood based theme. The sticks in the header are actually biros – I thought it was […]

In the interest of balance – it is chucking it down

It was only yesterday that I waxed lyrical about the British summer, cricket, olympics et al. Well there are as we all know two aspects to our summer. One is as described yesterday. The other is the reality of today. This is the reality of rain stop play, of umbrellas and Cliff Richard singing on […]

Spring – the feelgood factor

Today is one of those absolutely stunning British spring mornings. You feel it everywhere. The smells, the gentle warmth of the lightest of breezes, the clear blue sky with just the faintest of clouds somewhere on the far horizon, the birds singing happily to themselves in the bushes. It’s the kind of day where I’ve […]

The black art of serving Guinness

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man on his way home from work on a Friday night must be in search of a decent pint of beer. We are indeed fortunate, on this scepter’d isle of ours, in having a wonderful brewing heritage that yields a terrific diversity of ciders, bitters, lagers, ales, […]