how to choose a broadband provider

Just writing out aloud the process I’m going through of choosing a broadband provider. I currently have an 80/20 line from which I get 35/7 performance, most of the time. It’s an unlimited service. Bandwidth usage is approaching 300GB a month. My current supplier is Timico a business ISP. As such I get great service […]

Rural Broadband’s disaster – why I care – what’s wrong – what’s to be done

A farmer’s wife speaks – rural broadband solutions why I care – what’s wrong – what’s to be done I am a hairdresser and a farmer’s wife, and I don’t want to run the country, but I do want to set a few facts straight. I got involved with tech in the late 80s, when […]

Central London superfast broadband desert

London broadband speeds shocker At first glance this map of London broadband speeds coverage is a bit of a shocker. It’s been published by Mayor Boris Johnson (or by his minions) based on inputs from Ofcom. You can see that the residential areas outside the centre are by and large well served albeit with a […]

Superfast broadband Connection Vouchers – not!!

Superfast broadband connection vouchers – hands up if you’ve had one Slightly annoys me. I get this email from HMRC winding up my expectations. “Up to £3k towards a superfast broadband connection”. Now I already have an 80/20 line but actually it is rubbish. I’m about 800 metres from the cab. It’s a long way. […]

The making of the bullet proof internet movie

Exclusive behind the scenes footage of how we utterly destroyed some routers in the interest of science in the making of our broadband movie Most of you will have seen the broadbandrating shotgun movie by now. Actually to call it a movie is a bit of a stretch. In fact we would have to stretch […]

Social Media video marketing – bullet proof broadband

social media broadband marketing I know we got thousands of you thinking when we put out a post last week asking what had happened to the router. Well it was all a taster for our social media broadband marketing – video style. Last Thursday we had a corporate day out shooting. This was shooting in both […]

Tunisia broadband to reach 100% of households by 2020 says minister

Tunisia broadband Following on from last week’s China broadband post this tweet mentioning Tunisia broadband caught my eye Every familiy in #Tunisia 2b connected w/ highspeed #broadband in nxt 5yrs #WSIS #connect2020 says Minister Communications Noaman Fehri — conneally (@conneally) May 26, 2015 Just goes to show how vital broadband is seen to be everywhere. […]

Global broadband competition stakes heat up

China broadband Picked up this article in Total Telecom.  China plans to spend $327Bn on rolling out ubiquitous broadband by 2020. The slowest performance will be 20Mps with urban connurbations (or however you spel it:) ) of more than 200k people getting 100Megs. I don’t know how that compares with the per head spending in […]

Average broadband prices expressed as pints of beer

Average broadband prices roughly equal 5 pints of beer a month ( 3 pints if you live in London). We have introduced an average broadband price element to This allows punters to see what the average monthly cost of a broadband line is over the period of a contract. The average pricing takes into […]

Bufferbloat and Virgin Media

Virgin Media Buffering – Bufferbloat spat Bufferbloat, as most of you will know is the situation in a packet switched network where the packet buffers are so large1 they cause high latency and jitter. Bufferbloat can also reduce the network throughput. This post is all about a guy called Dave Taht and his encounter with Virgin Media buffering […]

EE home broadband pulls plug on affiliate marketing partners

EE goes it alone with direct marketing programmes & ditches affiliates EE who are my mobile service provider have announced the closure of their EE home broadband affiliate programme. This means that they are likely to disappear from most comparison websites as there will be no incentive to push their products1. We will also be ditching […]

Virgin expansion – a quick shufty at the business case & why they aren’t interested in the final third

Virgin Media expansion All over the news today are the Virgin Media expansions plans. Virgin plan to spend £3billion expanding their network reach from 13 million to 17 million homes. That’s £750 per household passed. If, following this investment, Virgin grows its customer base by the same proportion as the growth in network coverage they […]

ISP report places Sky at top of rankings for Q4 2014 ISP report Couldn’t help noticing that have published their quarterly ISP report. Highlights include: Sky was rated top provider for Q4 2014 Plusnet recovered from  a number of service outages in Q3 to rise  to second place in the overall ratings BT showed a big improvement in customer support levels with average call waiting […]

Are ISP incentives to new customers going to be counter-productive and drive broadband churn?

Offers to new customers could drive broadband churn The broadband market is massively competitive. This is a good thing. As in many markets ISPs offer incentives for new customers to sign up. In the B2B world these incentives are frequently given to resellers rather than the end customer. However in the consumer marketplace where everything […]

TalkTalk get 75k Tesco broadband customers plus 5 million clubcard points

TalkTalk buys Tesco Blinkbox & broadband for £5m cash I’ve been watching the consumer broadband market as part of the development of the site. In this space size really is everything. Every day we perform sentiment analysis on the Twitter activity of all the ISPs we monitor – BT, Sky, Virgin, TalkTalk, Plusnet and […]

BT branding strategy with EE?

Will BT keep the EE brand? Picked up this little gem from Twitter. It’s a good question because it opens up a discussion regarding BT’s strategy post acquisition. Assuming it all goes through. When BT bought Plusnet it was convenient to keep the brands separate. Plusnet became BT’s “value” brand although it is interesting […]

Vodafone looking at Virgin Media Acquisition

  Further UK telecoms consolidation? It’s all over the tech/comms news that the Big Red is looking at the possibility of buying Virgin Media’s parent company. Google it. There is a fit because both companies have bright red branding so they wouldn’t have to change much. It was only recently we discussed the fact that […]

Openreach engineering visit

Openreach engineering visit fixes one fault and finds another The doorbell rang yesterday just after lunch. It was an Openreach engineer. Good news. He had come to fix our phone line. I wasn’t expecting him but there again wasn’t going to turn him away. Out phone line has been jiggered since Saturday. It’s ok as […]

Calling the fibre broadband rollout team

Fibre broadband rollout not reaching “parts that other rollouts cannot reach” My heart goes out Jazz – see tweet below. We hear that metropolitan areas get new tech rollouts because of their population densities make the return on investment faster and more attractive than say rural areas. @SkyHelpTeam hence why I would like to speak […]

ISP traffic management policies

An overview of consumer ISP traffic management policies ISP traffic management in which some types of traffic may be prioritised over others has been the subject of an ongoing debate. This is particularly the case amongst the Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) communities but also elsewhere. NetNeutrality is the issue (look it up) and is […]

Plusnet music on hold = “Don’t you want me baby”

Plusnet music on hold = “Don’t you want me baby” In the big consumer ISP world I would think people expect to have to listen to music on hold whilst waiting for their ISP support line to answer.  Usually it’s why a business will pay that little more for a broadband line – just to […]

Why the Desktop VoIP Telephone isn’t Going Away

Major leaps in technology allow business phones — the desktop VoIP telephone — to serve a rapidly growing range of needs. welcomes “VoIP Week” contributor Jeff Rodman, Polycom‘s Chief Technology Evangelist. Since co-founding the company in 1990 Jeff has been instrumental in the realization of Polycom’s iconic products for voice, video, network communications, and […]

BROADBANDRating soft launch – feedback welcomed

The BROADBANDRating soft launch happens today folks. Today is the BROADBANDRating soft launch. BROADBANDRating is a new property that seeks to help consumers with their choice of broadband provider. Rather than being  site that just compares broadband deals we want to help people decide which ISP to go for. This is actually quite a difficult […]

TalkTalk Fibre to the premises

TalkTalk Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) rollout in York announced I’ve been doing a bit of background work on UK broadband service provision, the output of which will appear in the fullness of time, in due course (etc etc). Yesterday the Twittersphere threw out the news that TalkTalk fibre to the premises was being rolled out […]

Openreach Profit Incentive in Action

Openreach’s sub-contractors may not all be so bad after all. I finally had BT Infinity installed a few weeks ago. Having watched the installation of Huawei DSLAM at the end of the road some time before that with much anticipation, I pondered how badly BT Openreach and its subcontractors would botch the job and ruin the frontage […]