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trefor.net/itspa voip security workshop sponsors announced as Yealink

By: Trefor Davies | Monday, 29 September, 2014

Yealink announced as trefor.net/itspa voip security workshop sponsors at Sandown Park on 8th October Further to last week’s announcement, IP phone vendor Yealink have come on board as ITSPA/trefor.net VoIP security workshop sponsors. The workshop being held during Convergence Summit South at Sandown Park on 8th October. This is quite apt as Yealink are one of the first IP phone...


Announcing ITSPA trefor.net VoIP security workshop sponsored by Yealink

By: Trefor Davies | Wednesday, 17 September, 2014

trefor.net is teaming up with ITSPA, the Internet Telephony Service Providers’ Association, to produce a twice yearly VoIP security workshop. The first one is during the Convergence Summit South show at Sandown Park on October 8th, Read on to find out more. Announcing the ITSPA/trefor.net VoIP security workshop Telecom Fraud – Part 1 – A Case Study for the Channel...


VoIP week on trefor.net 6th – 10th October

By: Trefor Davies | Thursday, 4 September, 2014

Advanced notice of VoIP week on trefor.net 6th – 10th October There are times in the year where VoIP becomes a natural subject to talk about. On these occasions we have a VoIP week on trefor.net. This is where we get lots of guest contributors to write stuff about VoIP. In our case the guest contributors are normally senior...

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The Hump Day Five (16-July-2014)

By: Kory Kessel | Wednesday, 16 July, 2014

The Hump Day Five is on Red Alert this week, getting all Google-y powerful on music in the cloud, Leftovers, and Ping Pong Mania. 1 Started watching a new TV show a couple of weeks back called “The Leftovers”. If you haven’t haven’t seen or heard of it, the premise is quite simple. On 14-October at a precise moment in...

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England v India Trent Bridge – a tale of two Andersons & Yealink VoIP phone

By: Trefor Davies | Sunday, 13 July, 2014

England v India highlights – Root & Anderson  10th wicket world record, I am nearly knocked out by a cricket ball, Pamela Anderson gets cricketer autograph & I spot a Yealink VoIP phone. England v India at Trent Bridge was the backdrop for  great day out with the kids yesterday. There are two ways to “do” the cricket. One...

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Broadband – A Student Perspective on an Essential Service

By: Zoe Redfern | Tuesday, 8 July, 2014

Broadband is a key service students need to navigate their time at university Trefor.net guest contributor Zoe Redfern recently completed a Masters in Computer Information Systems at the University of Lincoln and will relocate to Cheshire in the coming months to begin a graduate job with Siemens. Having completed my Master’s Degree at the University of Lincoln not long ago, I...


ITSPA Summer Forum

By: Trefor Davies | Sunday, 6 July, 2014

ITSPA Summer Forum and 10th Anniversary celebrations ITSPA Summer Forum was a terrific success and a suitable tribute to the celebratory nature of the event. The afternoon AGM and series of talks and panel discussion went really well and we were lucky enough to have some serious industry players amongst the speakers. The line up for the afternoon was...

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The Hump Day Five (25-June-2014)

By: Kory Kessel | Wednesday, 25 June, 2014

On Wednesday Trefor.net’s Editor-in-Chief serves up The Hump Day Five, a weekly collection of short (and not so short) glimpses of the life in progress. 1 Bolting to meet My Missus for a Pay-For-Weekend-Well-Spent swim (the value of which we will immediately negate with a hearty follow-up Mexican lunch), and just realized that my mobile phone charge is at...

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Facebook is down – something went wrong

By: Trefor Davies | Thursday, 19 June, 2014

Something went wrong with Facebook. Facebook is down. I just got that message. Looking at Twitter it seems widespread. Is this news? In one sense it doesn’t matter in the least. Facebook is not mission critical to anyone. If you are a business you surely don’t rely on Facebook, do you? Ok so a few photos may not get...


WebRTC at #GBP14

By: Trefor Davies | Wednesday, 11 June, 2014

Thoughts on the WebRTC market and opportunity for service providers Interesting place, Orlando. The weather patterns seem very repeatable every day. It starts with a warm morning and heats up through the day until the humidity and heat combination becomes uncomfortable at which point nature  steps in and thunderstorms visit the land. Later the rain stops and the cycle...

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The trefor.net #orlandoroadtrip Day 6 #GBP14 conference proper begins

By: Trefor Davies | Tuesday, 10 June, 2014

Day6 of the #orlandoroadtrip began with a conversation in the lift.  I was stood there in my Hawaiian shirt with a Genband Perspectives 14 badge hung around my neck when a girl started talking to me: “We don’t have your name in the UK”. She had read my badge. I dunno. I told her I was from Lincoln! Breakfast...

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One Out of 1,874,161

By: Kory Kessel | Tuesday, 10 June, 2014

Over the weekend I received a Twitter request from someone unknown to me to participate in a dm (direct message) exchange. Figuring it at first to be some kind of scam or sales come-on I was just about to use TweetDeck’s “Block” function to keep the party from contacting me again when I noticed in their Twitter handle something...


So Long 084 and 087 (and Thanks for All the Fish)!

By: Alex Kinch | Wednesday, 4 June, 2014

Trefor.net welcomes guest contributor Alex Kinch, Founder and CEO of Ziron. The game is finally up for many ‘rip-off’ 084 and 087 numbers. Thanks to the EU’s Consumer Rights Directive – and the corresponding UK legislation (The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Payments) Regulations 2013), as of 13-June-2014 customers will not pay more than the “basic rate” when calling...


Wot? No Password?

By: Peter Cox | Tuesday, 20 May, 2014

UM Labs Ltd. Founder and CEO Peter Cox’s post is based on a presentation given at a recent ITSPA workshop on the risks of auto provisioning. Everyone understands the need for security on the Internet. We all know the importance of using strong passwords and — painful as it may be — regularly changing those passwords. As such, would...

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VoIP not working over your broadband connection? We may have the explanation.

By: Trefor Davies | Monday, 19 May, 2014

VoIP over broadband not working? It may be the router. Routers provided by some major ISPs are preventing their customers from using VOIP services such as Skype. For some time now members of the Internet Telephony Service Providers Association have been keeping a list of routers through which VoIP doesn’t appear to work. The routers themselves include functionality or elements of...

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Me and My Pebble Steel

By: Steve Hodges | Thursday, 15 May, 2014

Steve Hodges is the Managing Director of Astro Communications, Ltd. So I am a fully ‘out’ closet techie. Really. Having starting in comms when ADSL was a pipe dream and you could get 9.6Mbs on your Nokia phone, I suppose I joined the technology industry just after those that created it and ahead of those lucky enough to feel...

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Snom Audio Lab

By: Dusan Aleksic | Tuesday, 13 May, 2014

Dusan Aleksic is the Head of Hardware Development for Snom Technology AG In the end of nineties Serbia was under UN sanctions and as a young electro engineer I was a part of the small team tasked with maintaining the gas masks in stock. I had an open issue before me: the carbon microphone was out of date and...

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When You Look Behind You There’s No Open Door

By: Marcos Campos | Monday, 12 May, 2014

Someone asked me, “What is the future of VoIP?” I can’t even predict my future living situation, let alone the fate of the Internet. I went to dinner last night with an out-of-town friend. We met some other friends down in a part of south Austin that not long ago was a dinky mostly-Hispanic neighborhood, complete with dinky houses...


#VoIPweek roundup

By: Trefor Davies | Monday, 12 May, 2014

Last week was #voipweek on trefor.net. This follows on from #peeringweek and will be part of an ongoing programme of themed weeks focussing on particular technology subjects relating to the internet. Although we do occasionally ask for specific posts the contributors to our themed weeks are by and large left to choose their own topic. This makes for a diversity...

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Invest Wisely to Get the Best from VoIP

By: Dan Winfield | Friday, 9 May, 2014

Trefor.net welcomes VoIP Week contributor Dan Winfield, Co-Founder and CEO of Voxhub and 2014 ITSPA Council member. Starting in, I want to say that this is only my second blog piece on Trefor.net (the first being The Smoking Rooms of Net Neutrality, published yesterday), so please excuse me if I state the bleeding obvious. Yes, I know this site’s readership...


Hosted VoIP/UCaaS is Going Upmarket!

By: Huw Rees | Friday, 9 May, 2014

Trefor.net welcomes VoIP Week contributor Huw Rees, Senior Vice President of Business Development at 8×8 The hosted VoIP/UCaaS (aka cloud communications) market is growing strongly in the US and it seems that the UK market is not far behind. According to Frost and Sullivan, Gartner, and others, US CAGR is somewhere around the 25%+ mark, and certainly the results...

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Will OTT VoIP Apps Destroy the Telecoms Industry?

By: Alex Kinch | Friday, 9 May, 2014

Trefor.net welcomes VoIP Week contributor Alex Kinch, Founder and CEO of Ziron. As soon as the Telecoms industry came to terms with the WhatsApp acquisition and what it could mean for their SMS revenues, CEO Jan Koum dropped another bombshell: the company would be launching voice services from Q2. For many this announcement spelled the end. Surely operator executives around...


Secured SIP Provisioning

By: Tim Bray | Friday, 9 May, 2014

Trefor.net welcomes VoIP Week contributor Tim Bray, Technical Director for ProVu Communications Most SIP providers in the UK use auto provisioning to look after their SIP phones, with the phones calling home to a central server via HTTP to download configuration files. Auto provisioning is an essential part of the hosted SIP and SIP PBX market in the UK,...


Provisioning, Cloud Management and Obihai

By: Mark Williams | Thursday, 8 May, 2014

The name may be new, but you’ve probably provisioned, configured or used an IP phone or ATA over the years that Obihai’s core engineering team had a hand in developing. Back in 1999 a company called Komodo released the first ever voice ATA.  The Komodo product quickly caught the attention of Cisco, the company was acquired and the Cisco...

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The Smoking Rooms of Net Neutrality

By: Dan Winfield | Thursday, 8 May, 2014

Trefor.net welcomes VoIP Week contributor Dan Winfield, Co-Founder and CEO of Voxhub and 2014 ITSPA Council member. Net neutrality is a hot topic amongst those in the VoIP industry and something all VoIP providers have had to deal with in one form or another, usually looming its head in the land of large network providers and mobile networks. Did you know, though,...

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Net Neutrality and Telephony

By: Rob Pickering | Thursday, 8 May, 2014

Net neutrality and VoIP telephony – thorny issues the industry needs to negotiate Trefor.net welcomes “VoIP Week” contributor Rob Pickering, CEO of ipcortex. Most folks who work in the VoIP industry have at some point been subject to a casual horror story from a new acquaintance about evil VoIP and how they tried it once and that it nearly...

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Voice Technology Makes Conference Calls Sound Amazingly Clear and Life-like

By: Jeff Rodman | Thursday, 8 May, 2014

Trefor.net welcomes “VoIP Week” contributor Jeff Rodman, Polycom‘s Chief Technology Evangelist. Since co-founding the company in 1990 Jeff has been instrumental in the realization of Polycom’s iconic products for voice, video, network communications, and other media. When was the last time you used a conference phone? Today or perhaps yesterday? For a good many of us it likely hasn’t...

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A VoIP Spring

By: Peter Farmer | Thursday, 8 May, 2014

A regular trefor.net contributor, Peter Farmer is the Commercial and Regulatory Manager at Gamma, as well as an ITSPA Council member and Chair of ITSPA Regulatory Committee.  We are pleased to present his “VoIP Week” post. So, Trefor asked me to approach an article for “VoIP Week” from a commercial perspective as opposed to regulatory…. took me a while, but sunstroked approaching...

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Vastly Objectionable Ignominious Phrase

By: Kory Kessel | Wednesday, 7 May, 2014

What the lone acronym in “VoIP Week” does NOT represent. As a longtime fan of Marvel’s super hero comic books — 40 years and happily counting — I find myself quite satisfied with the persisting Hollywood trend of putting these Fantastic! Incredible! Amazing! Uncanny! Mighty! characters on the Silver Surfer…er, silver screen. And almost as much fun as seeing...


VoIP and Emergency Services – Location, Location, Location…

By: Ray Bellis | Wednesday, 7 May, 2014

Trefor.net welcomes VoIP Week guest contributor Ray Bellis, Senior Researcher at

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